Park of the white rocks

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Rue de la farandole 13800 Istres
The Roches Blanches Park is a peaceful place for relaxation and fun for locals and tourists.
It is an integral part of the town’s history as evidenced by the fossilized oyster beds in the eastern part of the park. Dating from around 15 million years ago (Miocene), according to some, these oysters gave the town its name, ‘Ostreion’ designating a bed of oysters in Greek. These oyster beds show that this park was under an immense sea for a very long time.

It is a crossing point for the ‘Amongst town and nature’ and the ‘From one great view to another’ hikes.

Accessible for disabled


Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance
Play area
Picnic area
Parking nearby
Pets welcome


Park of the white rocks
Rue de la farandole 13800 Istres
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