• Historic site and monument
  • Historic patrimony
  • Town / Village
Elevation : 1100m
4, rue de la Mairie 06750 Séranon
Originally located on the ridge, Séranon was later rebuilt on the plain at the foot of a massive cliff forged by erosion.
Today, the village is a place of peaceful, gentle tranquility.
You can admire the beautiful countryside, the washhouse, the 1898 fountain, and a boules court typical of the South of France. There are also majestic chestnut trees and sloping lanes leading to a small square, where farm machinery of yesteryear is on display for curious visitors!

Things to do & Sights to see :
• Bastide du Broundet
• Vieux Séranon ruins
• Notre Dame de Gratemoine chapel
• Paragliding
• Hiking
Elevation : 1100m
4, rue de la Mairie 06750 Séranon
  • www.seranon.fr
Spoken languages
  • French
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