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Spring | Summer 2022

It’s Springtime and flowers aren’t the only things that are blooming! The exhibition and cultural activities programme in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur also comes to life with the warmer weather! From the Hautes-Alpes to the Bouches-du-Rhône and the Var, it’s always a great idea to choose Culture! You’re sure to find something to suit you in this varied selection!

Little Bighorn: works by Ousman Sow

Head for Mont-Dauphin and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux to discover Ousmane Sow’s major work – Little Bighorn traces the history and the culture of the North American Indians. Relive the famous battle which opposed Sioux and Cheyennes and the federal army of the United States in 1876! All the works were sculpted by Ousmane Sow himself using his own technique. This unique itinerary shows a dozen battlefield scenes from the Battle of Little Bighorn under the exceptional Philibert Delorme-style wooden framework of the attics in the Caserne Rochambeau. The permanent exhibition takes you off both to the world of the tribes of the Great Plains of America and to the 18th century in the fortified village of Mont-Dauphin. A marvellous blend of History and Culture for a great moment which won’t leave you indifferent!


When? Permanent exhibition

Where? Fortified village of Mont-Dauphin

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Requiem by Lee Ufan arrives in Arles

The exhibition “Requiem” by the famous painter and sculptor Lee Ufan has made its home until September 2022 on the Alyscamps in Arles. Simple and minimalist, the installations on the spot blend into the venue: they invite us to celebrate the dead while we rethink our relationship with the world, art and infinity. The Nécropole des Alyscamps, an antique cemetery, listed a UNESCO world heritage, dates back to Roman times: the exhibition is organised for the 40th anniversary of the listing of the monuments of Arles. Arles has inspired great artists such as Gauguin and Van Gogh, and Lee Ufan has made a place for himself in the art of Arles with the inauguration of his foundation in the Hôtel Vernon in the spring of 2022! Discover on the Alyscamps, a walk with a series of sculptures baptised “relatums”: the artist invites you to experience this discovery as a meeting of natural and manufactured objects. “Requiem” is an experiment in silence opening onto a notion of infinity!


When? Until September 2022

Where? Alyscamps, Arles

Welcome to “l’univers du réel”

On your way to Avignon, stop off at the Collection Lambert and discover the exhibition “Bienvenue dans l’univers du réel”. In this place with its exceptionally rich heritage, rethink the world and your way of telling it. The two very beautiful mansions which house the collection dating back to 18th century have been refurbished to house all kinds of exhibitions which give new life to this historical venue. The exhibition invites us, with undeniable poetry, to doubt the nature of the images we see and deconstruct the cumbersome representation mechanisms present. Nowadays, more than ever, the dissemination of information is about to implode under the pressure of the digital data invading our daily lives so uncontrollably. The question of real and reality is necessary to pose a major challenge in our contemporary lives and the exhibition helps us to see the light!


When? Until 4th September 2022

Where? Collection Lambert, Avignon

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“Italia Discreta” seen by Plossu and Granet.

Travel around Italy with this exhibition devoted to the photographic works of the contemporary artist Bernard Plossu but don’t be disoriented, when you leave the Musée Granet, you’ll be striding along the narrow streets of Aix! The exhibition hinges on three themes: landscapes and vedute, Plossu and the Fresson process and Rome. This win-win trio sweeps you off to the Rome of the seventies to nowadays, seen by two artists who fell in love with the eternal city. Their processing of the image is completely different: Plossu proposes photographs which use mainly black and white in a special pigmentary process, the Fresson printing technique, whereas Granet presents around sixty washes and watercolours of the Italian capital. Don’t miss this highlight of the season available until the end of August for lovers of photography and the curious who have wandered into the Place Saint-Jean de Malte.


When? 29th April to 26th August 2022

Where? Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence

Le Songe d’Ulysse at the Villa Carmignac

All roads lead to Rome but the Fondation Carmignac can only be reached by sea. Art has carved itself a place on the island of Porquerolles, opposite Hyères, in a Mediterranean forest in the middle of the sea. This season, the Villa Carmignac takes you off on “Le Songe d’Ulysse”, an aesthetic and mythological adventure loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey. Plunge into the fantastic world of this Greek hero who, in mythology, fought and conquered the Alycastre, a monster sent by Poseidon to the coast of Porquerolles. For the occasion, the Villa Carmignac becomes a labyrinth: void of all landmarks, this one has the particularity of being filled with works of art. The visitor will go from one meeting to the next: women and their seductions, monsters and their potential to terrorize, heroes, fabulous and divine beings, animals… Take this exhibition as an introspective journey and enjoy the surrounding natural environment to recharge your batteries!


When? 30th April to 16th October 2022

Where? At la Villa Carmignac, Île de Porquerolles

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