Circuit du Luc

Located close to the communes of Gonfaron and Le Luc in the south of France, the circuit of the Var was built in 1965. The circuit had a difficult start, with a total loss of activity in the 1970s. However, it could count on the determination of the enthusiasts of the commune of Le Luc who created a federation in order to maintain the activity of the track as well as the outdoor activities centre which is associated there. This solidarity has enabled the circuit to restore its image and to celebrate its 50 years in 2018.

The track measures 2,200 meters, 2,400 meters with the hairpin bend, and its width varies between 7 and 9 meters. With a 530 meters long straight line, the track offers a superb possibility of acceleration to drivers who can thus give rhythm to their race and galvanise their driving. The circuit configuration allows you to create two different tracks to vary the pleasures, with a total of 9 turns. Another variant available to you is an all-terrain track of 1,000 meters. Initially used for training courses for firefighters, this track is accessible to all to discover new sensations and understand the road in a different way. Discover the world of the automobile on a circuit accredited by the National Commission for the Examination of Speed Circuits.

Exceptional events

One fact that is remarkable in the history of the Var du Luc circuit is its history with Formula 1. The Formula 1 world championship is internationally recognized as the benchmark in motor racing competition. In the 1980s, the AGS company (a former car manufacturer) used the track of the Circuit du Luc as training track of the team when this one took part in the Formula 1 world championship. Despite the team’s withdrawal from competition in the 1990s, the circuit’s enthusiasm for Formula 1 has not tarnished. The track regularly hosts F1 single-seaters for your and the driver’s viewing pleasure.

The circuits of the Var regularly host the Regional Coastal Race of the Luc organized by the French Federation of Motor Sport. This race mainly consists in crossing a route with a significant elevation gain as quickly as possible. It’s a speed test full of twists and turns that will surprise you!

Another regular race on the circuit is the Luc en Provence slalom: this is the perfect opportunity for drivers to take advantage of the different turns of the circuits and to showcase all the beauty of motorsport.


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The best services

If you are tempted by the activities of driving and discovering motorsport and motorbike, you have come to the right place! Many activities are organized to offer you an unforgettable experience on the asphalt of the circuit, behind the wheel of the most beautiful cars in the world.


Thanks to the collaboration with many partners (111 Racing TEAM, Sprint Racing, AGS Formulates 1, First Motorsport or Porsche Club the Mediterranean), you will be able to get behind the wheel of a superb car for a first driving or a training course of driving supervised by a professional. Alpine, Porsche Cayman, Ferrari 458 Italia and GTB, Audi, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Lamborghini Huracan and many other models are waiting for you. Sprint Racing boxes are available for sale in the premises of the circuit: it is the perfect gift for driving enthusiasts!

Motorcycle riding courses are also offered thanks to our two-wheels specialist partners (Steil Racing, Moto Racing Club Gap or Tortue Team). Initiation or reinforcement of your technique, evolve in complete safety thanks to experienced instructors.

Want to drive your own car? Take part in the driving days organized by the circuit. In alternating GT and single-seater sessions, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of driving on the circuit while interacting with other drivers passionate about motorsport.

Provence close to the circuit

Benefit from the privileged location of the Circuit du Luc in the south of France to access many places of cultural and tourist interest.

Less than 30 minutes away from the circuit, swap the frenzy of the track for the calm of nature by visiting the Aille waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the heart of Provence by pacing up and down this space crossed and shaped by water over the seasons. Sit in the shade of the trees for a picnic and make the most out of the streams to cool off during hot summer days. This haven of peace conceals the ruins of an old sawmill as well as a superb iron bridge showing the entrance to the Plaine des Maures nature reserve. The immersion in the countryside of Provence is guaranteed!

If you are looking for an original experience, visit the tortoise village of Carnoules. Directed by the SOPTOM (the Station of Observation and Protection of Tortoises and their Environment), this village gathers tens of species of tortoises from all over the world and works for the protection of endangered species. During a guided tour, the park keepers explain their environmental approach by making you discover the different stages of the route through the centre.

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