Longue Vue Marseille

5 key spots in Marseille

for a breath-taking panorama

To make the most of your city-break in the Mediterranean city, there’s nothing better than being able to admire it from one of its high-up spots and getting a unique panorama of the town of Marseille!

Notre Dame de la Garde

In 360° mode

This is one of the most famous emblems of Marseille : the “Bonne Mère” watches over the people of Marseille and offers an outstanding view to all of those who venture there. A 360° view to be observed from the top of this hill crowned by the guardian of seamen and fisherman. To get there, you can take the traditional little train from the Vieux-Port or why not climb up its big staircase on foot. A fascinating sight which allows you to discover both the exceptional Byzantine Roman Revival architecture of Notre Dame de la Garde and of course the golden statue whose sheer size will leave you speechless…

The Fort Saint-Jean

The panoramic wall-walk version

After a lovely day wandering along the little streets of Le Panier, go as far as the Fort Saint-Jean. At the end of the day you can admire superb sunsets from its lookout posts scattered along the preserved remains of its former wall-walk. You can then reach the J4 esplanade and see the Palais du Pharo opposite. Behind you stands the Cathédrale de la Major and also the Mucem, which lights up in twinkling blue at night time. A magical setting, a clever blend of the authentic and the modern which keeps visitors with their heads in the stars for many hours.

The Bay of Malmousque

Sunset on the sea

As you wander along Corniche Kennedy, making the most of this wonderful balcony on the Mediterranean, you are tempted to go up and down all the little stairways in Marseille… One of the best landmarks is the Bay of Malmousque! An intimate little fishing harbour which is also heaven for lovers and a favourite place for groups of friends to meet for summer cocktails. Like a little isolated peninsula far from the heartbeat of the town centre, here you can enjoy a peaceful moment, a break in good sea air and admire the natural beauty of this little creek with your feet in the water as your eyes scan the sea, the calanques and the Frioul in the distance.

The Palais du Pharo

Peace and quiet in the gardens

Built in the 19th century on request from Napoleon, the Palais du Pharo is exceptional both for its architecture and its history. It can already be seen from the Vieux-Port, but it is only when you arrive on this plateau overlooking the sea that you understand… Because while you wander around its gardens, photographers and artists are getting their inspiration from the view of the city’s great monuments, and at the same time charming all its visitors! The perspective of the Fort Saint-Jean, the Mucem and then the Cathédrale de la Major in the Joliette district reminds us of the city’s presence, while the boats moored in the harbour below suddenly soften it. A memorable contrast with the image of the town.

The Frioul islands

By sea… opposite the sea!

How can you get to know Marseille without taking a trip to visit its Mediterranean gems… Its limestone rocks stand out off the coast. Meet under the under the ombrière of the Vieux-Port and climb aboard one of the sea shuttles that will take you to the Frioul islands in about twenty minutes. Little creeks, wild beaches, turquoise water: a whole programme for you once you have set foot on the ground again. You will land on one of these islands, Ratonneau, the starting point for a lovely walk to reach your place of relaxation and you will then have time to admire the coast of Marseille and its hills behind this azure expanse.

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