Les Orres ski resort

Les Orres ski resort is located in the town of Les Orres, near Embrun, in the heart of the Parpaillon massif, in the Hautes Alpes department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Overlooking the lake of Serre Ponçon, the resort is located at the gates of the Écrins National Park. It offers a vast sport and leisure area, in summer and in winter. Whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends, make the most of your stay in the mountains and recharge your batteries. There are plenty of activities to try there: sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking…

Winter in Les Orres: skiing and other winter sports

The ski area of Les Orres welcomes you at an altitude of 2,720 meters and offers one hundred kilometers of downhill ski slopes. Elevations, wide paths, valleys and slopes: they are accessible to all levels from beginners to experienced skiers. The green, blue, red and black slopes are accessible thanks to the ski lifts (chairlifts and drag lifts). Beginners will be able to take lessons at the different schools on site which welcome skiers of all levels and all ages from 2/3 years old. As for the more experienced skiers, they can take the Pousterle chairlift to go riding down the Grand Cabane slope and admire the breathtaking view. The experienced skiers will enjoy the vast spaces overlooking the Serre Ponçon valley if they go riding:

  • the Myrtilles slope, in the larch and fir forest, accessible by the Pic Vert chairlift
  • the Faucons slope accessible by the Génépi ski lift

In the ski area, you will also find a snowpark, a boardercross, sledding areas and snow gardens for children. In Les Orres, you can also go snowshoeing, dog sledding, “snakeglissing”, snowmobiling or airboarding. Sports enthusiasts: the choice is yours!

Summer in Les Orres: water sports, air sports, land sports

Summer in Les Orres offers many outdoor activities. Take the Prélongis, Pic Vert and Pousterle chairlifts to reach many hiking trails, the Bike Park, but also the mountain restaurant. Mountain bike enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate the downhill slopes accessible to all levels, between 1,600 and 2,600 meters of altitude. You can also go on a hike to admire the landscape. Themed hikes are a good way to discover the mountain in a playful way with your family, while the more experienced hikers will get accross the Boussolenc or the Aupillon. The bravest can also go trailing.

Experienced via ferrata enthusiasts will appreciate the trails offering a breathtaking view of the Mazelière. Beginners can be accompanied by a qualified guide. During the summer season you can also enjoy practicing water and white water sports on the Durance and on the Serre Ponçon lake: go boating, rafting, paddling, ULM water skiing…

Discover the gems of Les Orres all year round

The town of Les Orres is made of 9 hamlets:

  • Les Sagnettes at an altitude of 1,250 meters
  • Le Pont at an altitude of 1,373 metres
  • Le Chef-lieu at an altitude of 1,493 meters
  • Le Bas-Forest at an altitude of 1,540 metres
  • Le Haut-Forest at an altitude of 1,590 metres
  • Le Château at an altitude of 1,600 meters
  • Les Darennes at an altitude of 1,440 meters
  • Les Ribes at an altitude of 1,440 metres
  • Le Mélézet at an altitude of 1,450 metres

Throughout the year, you can visit these hamlets to discover their historical and cultural heritage such as the church of Sainte Marie Madeleine, and its Lombard bell tower, located in the Chef-lieu, the church of Notre Dame de la Présentation and its sundial in Le Mélézet. Stop at the Orrian museum in the Chef-lieu to learn more about how rural families used to live in the 20th century. You can also go to the markets to taste the local products.


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Plan your holidays in Les Orres

In order to plan your vacation in Les Orres, you can go to the Tourist Office of Les Orres or call them at 04 92 44 01 61. Visit their website for more information: www.lesorres.com/en/.

Shops and restaurants

Different restaurants, bars and snacks will welcome you for a quick lunch or a sit-down dinner in Les Orres 1550, 1650, 1800 and at the top of the slopes. There are also many shops there: supermarket, caterer, bakery, souvenir stores, sports stores, etc.


For one night, one week or more, you can choose the type of accommodation you prefer in Les Orres: vacation rental, bed and breakfast, hotels. You can also rent a flat from a professional or a private individual. You can ask the Tourist Office of Les Orres for the list of accommodations available.

Weather and snow cover

Plan your stay and check the weather forecast: