Vallée de la Clarée Briançonnais en hiver à Névache

Névache ski resort:

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Set to the North of the Briançon area, the cross-country ski resort of Névache is a wild treasure of the Hautes-Alpes and the perfect place for revelling in winter sports in virgin landscapes. Set at the heart of Vallée de la Clarée (part of the Natura 2000 network), this village resort – the northernmost of the Southern Alps – is a place where the sun always shines and the snow forms an ideally-plump blanket for whooshing down the slopes or treating yourself to a “Great North” dog sledding experience.

Cross-country skiing: winter pleasures at Névache

Perched at an altitude of 1,482 metres, Névache is a Nordic ski resort with an extensive domain of nearly 45 km, rising to 2,030 metres. Cross-country skiing aficionados enjoy a variety of hiking trails across forests and gentle downhill runs to the sunny plains. The green slope is perfect for novices and topped with 3 blue slopes, 5 red and 2 black for perfecting your technique. The biathlon stadium adds even more fun to this white whirlwind: go all out on the track then grab your rifle, hold your breath and aim for the target. Easy peasy? Maybe… In any case, a great opportunity to get to know this palpitating sport generally reserved for pros and international competitions. Want even more fun? Try your hand at snowshoeing, treat the kids to a flurry of toboggan rides or discover dog sledding and become a musher for a day… Two downhill ski slopes – one green and one red – are also on the menu and the French Ski School hosts beginners’ classes in winter. To find out more, check out the trail map and prices, then book your stay online.


Névache in summer: mountain magic galore

Spanning 49,000 acres of pure nature, Névache is a summer paradise for outdoor leisure lovers. Set at the crossroads to the Southern Alps, Northern Alps and Piedmont in Italy, Vallée de la Clarée is a magnificent and renowned natural jewel. From gentle walks for all the family to treks through forests and mountain pastures, the scenery is breathtaking and the biodiversity remarkable. Fancy a tranquil stroll with the kids? Head out in the company of a pack donkey, horse or even llamas so you can enjoy your excursion while giving your back a rest. Whether your passion is mountain biking, trail running, conscious walking, rockclimbing, canyoning or fishing, bask in the joys of nature for an active-yet-relaxing break.

Névache through the seasons

A genuine jewel of the Hautes-Alpes, Névache boasts a rich cultural and architectural heritage: you’ll find traditional sundials there, bread ovens, churchesadorned with magnificent frescoes and houses typical of the rural Briançon area with their larch roof shingles. The mountain paths are dotted with chapels, including Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs du Mont Thabor: an emblematic place of pilgrimage set in a stunning mineral decor. Erected in the 15th century, its modest architecture stands out against the rich blue sky at a height of 3,171 metres – you can see it well before you arrive to lap up the view. Whether you’re a fan of history, fine arts or natural sciences, the priceless heritage of theHautes-Alpes promises an enriching and varied cultural experience, plus museums for every taste.

Prepping your holiday at the Névache ski resort

Prep your holiday at Névache by contacting the Névache Tourist Office on +33(0)4 92 20 02 20, or pop over to see them in person in the Ville Haute. You can also browse the website dedicated to the Vallée de la Clarée ski resorts where you’ll find plenty of info including maps, activities, entertainment, etc.

Shops & Restaurants

In keeping with true mountain tradition, the valley’s restaurants serve generous helpings of regional specialities: Alpine lamb served at Au Bon Coin (an official Bistrot de Pays establishment) for Madame, or Prellestrout at Auberge du Clot for Monsieur – simply delicious! You’ll also find a variety of shops on site including a supermarket, boulangerie and pharmacy. And don’t miss Névachemarket every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. piled high with fabulous local produce.


Névache offers 3 hotels welcoming guests in winter and summer: Le Chalet d’En Hô, Hôtel Spa l’Echaillon and Auberge le Cleida. You can also book a holiday rental, country cottage or B&B.

Weather & Snowfall

We recommend checking the forecast every day before you set out to make the most of your stay. Weather conditions and snowfall are available in real time thanks to the online weather reports and webcams: