Plusieurs variétés de chocolatsPlusieurs variétés de chocolats
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Chocolate experiences

in workshops!

What if your dream of becoming a Master Chocolatier was to come true for a short while? The artisans below invite you to take their place for a workshop. Like the rest of the year, at Easter, chocolates are acclaimed by greedy adults and children alike.

La Baleine à Cabosse, passion and transmission

The Mediterranean city has more than one trick up its sleeve. Famous for its panisses, it also has a whole host of other surprises which are best at tea-time. You can’t just walk past the not-to-be-missed pretty red window of La Baleine à Cabosse. Claire and Aurélien put it so well – this artisanal chocolaterie offers chocolate from bean to bar. Their slogan? Bean to Bar Chocolaterie, because in their Marseille laboratory cocoa beans are cajoled into exceptional products. The idea of offering chocolate workshops was an obvious one for the two chocolate lovers!

Their workshop?
“Make your own bar of chocolate”
This workshop shares the secrets of chocolate and its parent, cocoa. Learn how to use the machines to make your own personalized bar of chocolate! Included in this workshop: a bar of chocolate to mould and personalize, old-fashioned hot cocoa and a tasting of Grand Cru chocolates.

Length – 1 ½ hours
Group – Teenagers and adults (6 people maximum)
Price – € 50 / person
Where – Marseille – 213 rue Paradis

Oh my love, Choco mon amour!

Welcome to Nice and the “Choco mon amour” chocolaterie. No explanation needed, because here, the love of chocolate is obvious from the name of the shop and in the chocolates they fashion with love and passion. A pastry shop handed down from father to son, they also wanted to share their savoir-faire: traditional recipes with the chef’s unexpected accords. Discover his secrets in a workshop. Xenophon and Sara, a happy couple in their everyday life and also behind the counter of their pastry shop, welcome you to their boutique on the famous hills of Bellet.

Their workshops?

4 workshops, 4 activities. “Make your own bars of chocolate”, “Make your own mendiants”, “Create your own chocolate confectionery”, or “Make your own chocolate sweets” are the 4 options in store for you.

Length – 1 to 2 hours according to workshop

Groups – minimum 4 people maximum 8

Prices – from € 39 to € 69 according to workshop

Where – Nice – 251 route de Canta Galet

And what is hiding in La Boîte à Biscuits?

Passion, creativity and tradition are the keywords of “La Boîte à Biscuits”. Head for Digne-les-Bainsto discover chocolate and biscuits made in Provence. Their commitment? To offer you regional products, made artisanally and above all Provencal flavours for your sweet breaks. You’ll be welcomed in a warm, friendly setting, so get ready for a delicious experience to satisfy the greediest among you whatever your age.

Their workshops?

Any occasion is perfect for attending one of their workshops: Saint Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Christmas preparation … For Easter, make a chocolate figurine.

Length – from 1¾ to 2 ½ hours according to workshop

Groups – from age 6 (level of difficulty changes with age of participant)

Prices – € 20 for children, € 50 for adults

Where – Digne-les-Bains – zone commerciale Saint-Christophe

The Castelain Chocolate Factory, an institution

In 1994, Bernard Castelain founded, in the middle of the vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the chocolaterie that has always had those who go through the doors of this temple to chocolate melting with envy. Bars, spreads, confectionery, and coated almonds are crafted on the spot by a team of enthusiasts. The demands and daring of master chocolatiers can be found in the sophistication of these chocolates and also in their workshops for adults and children who want to put their hands to it.

Their workshops?

Two types of workshop, one for children, the other for adults. Little children can discover moulding and decorating their creations while their parents attend a commented wine & chocolate pairing.

Length – not communicated

Groups – for small children, from age 7 for moulding and 3 for decoration.

Prices – for children, € 16 for moulding, € 13 for decoration

Where – Châteauneuf-du-Pape – 1745 route de Sorgues