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Green attitude for eco-responsible holidays

Every year in France, tourism produces 118 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, the volume of greenhouse gases released by 11 million French people over a whole year. Because we can each contribute in our own way to reducing this impact, we must commit to eco-responsible stays which do the planet good and our morale too, with just a few actions!

Adopt the right reflexes

Whether you’re a fan of city-breaks, a nature hike addict or you just love to chill on the beach, there are a number of eco-responsible things to do everywhere for your well-being and that of the inhabitants, the wildlife in the places you discover. The natural spaces are real treasure chests that need to be taken care of and this means, first of all, respecting the environment and the activities of protected sites. For instance, by staying on the paths, you limit damage and guarantee the harmony of the places. So in nature and towns alike, the mantra is the following for eco-responsible holidays: apply the same good gestures on holiday as you do at home by turning out the lights, sorting your waste, and spending less time under the shower. A way of committing to an integrated management of resources and limiting your carbon footprint.

Over to ecomobility

For ecological holidays, you have to rethink your travelling in sustainable mobility mode. The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has a wide range of alternative methods of transport to the car, which allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. Go for carpooling to get to the region and once you’re here, choose the Zou! bus network which guarantees comfortable stress-free outings. And don’t forget the regional train lines for visiting the region from Nice and Marseille stations. You can take the train to get to the Provencal back-country on the Marseille-Lyon line, criss-cross the Côte d’Azur or reach the Southern Alps. And lastly, if you are wandering around a town like Marseille, Toulon, Avignon or Aix-en-Provence, try the self-service city bikes. For example, in Nice, Vélobleu is available in 24/7 classical or electric versions.

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Choose eco-responsible labels

To accompany you on a more ecological form of tourism, discover the eco-responsible labels which guarantee a sustainable commitment and single out certain accommodations or activities. In the French National parks, you can trust the Marque Esprit Parc National label and book an accommodation belonging by the approach such as the Chalet Ecrin de Violette in the Ecrins National Park. In the natural regional parks, you will appreciate the welcome of the Valeurs Parc naturel régional hosts. And off we go on a respectful horse-ride in the Queyras natural regional park with the Ecurie de Ceillac . All around the region, you will also find Ecogîte establishments, covered by the Gîtes de France eco-responsible label like Le Grand Jardin d’Elisabeth in Lauris with its organic breakfast and solar shower. And you can also try the Clef Verte label chosen by the Les Jardins de la Pascalinette camp-site in Londe-les-Maures.

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Take your time exploring

What  eco-responsible tourism promises: from zen mode to slow mode. In the high season, the well-known sites can be packed with tourists which can cause a lot of damage and parking problems, etc. and hikes which are a lot less calm. The best way is to go for natural sites or activities which are less popular but just as lovely and unusual. A sustainable way of getting off the beaten track. For instance, you can try the archaeological submarine path at Olbia near Hyères, accessible to all free with a mask, fins and a snorkel. In the Luberon Natural Regional Park, discover Artemisia Museum and the secrets of perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants. Because the loveliest surprises are always worth making the most of, try a slow mode programme. No more competitions to see who takes the most photos of places, take time to discover all the beauty around you. In hiking or biking mode, set off on serene escapades in the middle of natural areas.

Enjoy food in eco-responsible holidays

Does eco-responsible tourism awaken our taste buds? In the south, it would surely have a taste of the authentic, a flavour of olive and a little sea note… because when you are on an eco-responsible holiday, you do your best to buy in short-circuit and prioritize local produce and specialities.  What better place than the markets for this. In the little villages of Provence and the Alps, the squares come alive in the early morning and the colourful stalls are mouth-watering. And you can also go directly to the producers to buy your food. Even high up in the mountains, the quality of their produce will guide you to them.