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Mont Faron

Peaking at an altitude of 584 meters, Mont Faron dominates Toulon and its bay. The panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Toulon, the presence of a memorial museum dedicated to the landing in Provence, a zoo, a cable car and many hiking trails have made this a touristic destination in the Var for families.

Mont Faron cable car

Many Toulon residents and tourists take the cable car to reach the top of Mont Faron. Entirely renovated in 2017, it takes many passengers in its uniquely designed cabins for most of the year. It is 1,437-meter long for a difference in altitude of 378 meters. The cable car is one of the major tourist attractions in Toulon.

The starting point is easily accessible by bus from the city center (line 40) or by car by going to Boulevard Amiral Vence.

  • Faron cable car

The landing memorial

In August 1944, more than 350,000 Allied soldiers (including 230,000 French) landed on the beaches of Provence. This military operation is not well-know but was nevertheless decisive and made it possible to drive the Axis troops out of France within a few weeks. Inaugurated by General de Gaulle on August 15, 1964, the Mont-Faron Memorial pays tribute to the women and men who risked or gave their lives to liberate Provence, France and Europe from the Nazi yoke.

Entirely renovated in the 2010’s, the museum uses the most modern technologies to exhibit, on more than 600 m², 200 collection objects and numerous multimedia documents. A visit to the Memorial gives a better understanding of this crucial event of the Second World War.

More informations about the WW2 Heritage

The fortifications of Toulon

The panoramic view from the summit makes Mont-Faron a favourite lookout for approaching enemy fleets. This culminating point had to be protected to ensure the security of Toulon, the first French military port open to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Memorial is housed in the Beaumont Tower, built in 1845. Mont Faron was an impregnable fortress with many defensive elements. You will find an old gunpowder magazine close to the  Sanctuary of Notre-Dame du Faron, the entrenched barracks of the Fort-Faron Impluvium and the Fort de Croix Faron. The impressive network of fortifications also includes Fort Saint-Antoine, the Ubac tower, and the Leydet entrenchment.

The Zoo: Mont Faron fauverie

The summit of Mont Faron is home to a fawn farm. This unconventional zoo is a breeding center for endangered big fawns and carnivores. Visitors can observe wolves, European lynx, caracals, panthers, servals, jaguars, pumas, tigers and lions. The zoo also welcomes baboons, lemurs, jungle cats and several farm animals in a fun and educational area for children.

  • Fawn farm – Zoo


Outdoor activities

In Mont Faron, a classified natural site, many outdoor activities can be practiced. Each marked trail is great to practice hiking and many itineraries are available for walkers of all levels that you can find on the IGN 3346OT map. The paths and tracks are also a perfectly adapted playground for mountain biking enthusiasts. The cliffs offer beautiful routes for climbers who will be able to climb while enjoying the panorama.

Cycling is another solution to reach the top of Mont Faron. The route up there was part of the Tour de France in 1957, and the Paris-Nice and the Mediterranean Tour, several times. Even today, the climb continues to seduce cyclists. From the Corniche de Toulon, you will face a demanding route, with a vertical drop of 380 meters for an average slope of 9,27%. Several cafés and restaurants at the summit will offer you a refreshing or gourmet stop after your ascent. You will also be rewarded by the panoramic view of the bay and a large part of the Var.

Practical information

Mont Faron is accessible by cable car or by a one-way road. On the way up, you can reach the road by the chemin du Fort Rouge or the Corniche Émile Fabre. The return trip is via the west side and joins the Édouard Perrichi Boulevard.

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