Le vallon SournLe vallon Sourn
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Vallon Sourn

Vallon Sourn

Watered by the river Argens and its numerous tributaries, Provence Verte offers remarkable landscapes, made up of hills covered with pine forests and valleys. Here and there, picturesque villages, whose stones turned golden in the sun, bear witness to the generosity of the place. Real natural treasures are nestled in this territory which is exceptional in many ways.

A precious and protected nature

A few kilometres from the village of Correns, the Argens river winds its way along the foot of white limestone cliffs. The coastal river bathes a unique vegetation with its pure waters. Wild flowers bloom at the foot of the water, in the shade of poplars, ash trees and willows. The sarsaparilla invites itself to the edges of the paths, while the ivy attacks the trunks, in search of the sun.

Many birds have taken up residence in the Vallon Sourn. The white-throated dipper, a strange bird with a short tail, finds the aquatic insects it loves in the Argens. Swallows, alpine swifts, crows and great horned owls nest in the cliffs. The rocky crevices are also home to colonies of bats. The most observant walkers also notice the presence of small mammals, which sneak into the thickets.

The waters of the Argens are home to numerous trout, as well as chubs, souffias, barbels, gudgeons and loaches.

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Numerous nature activities

Paths have been laid out to discover the enchanting landscapes of the Vallon Sourn. Hiking enthusiasts can explore this heavenly spot in the heart of Provence Verte, and enjoy the coolness offered by the Argens River. Information panels on the fauna and flora enable you to familiarise yourself with the many species that flourish in this corner of paradise.

The cliffs are the playground of climbing enthusiasts. Numerous routes have been set up to meet the expectations of climbers of all levels, from beginners to accomplished sportsmen.

The waters of the Argens, of great purity, are also full of fish. Amateurs can practice their passion here. Fishing with natural bait is the most widespread practice here!

Water activities are not to be outdone: you can kayak or canoe, or swim in the Argens. Small natural beaches are accessible.

From Correns to Châteauvert

Bathed by the Argens, the village of Correns offers a real postcard setting, with its winding streets and calades. Fort Gibron, a former medieval priory, dominates the old houses with their preserved facades. The baroque style church, built in the 18th century, is worth a visit for its magnificent altarpiece.

The village of Châteauvert lies in the centre of a small fertile valley, in a landscape shared by fields and forests. Art lovers can visit the Contemporary Art Centre and the Garden of Sculptures, a place full of surprises.

Practical information

Le Vallon Sourn is located between the villages of Correns and Châteauvert. It is accessible by car, a car park having been arranged to facilitate your parking.

From Nice or Aix-en-Provence, you must take the A8 motorway, and take exit 35. You can then follow the D594 in the direction of Barjols. After a bridge, turn right to enter the Vallon Sourn. You will find a car park on your left, about 1.5 km further on.