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Tourism in Cannes

Cannes, located in the Alpes-Maritimes department, is an exceptional seaside resort bordered by the Lérins Islands offshore. The city is particularly famous in the world for its Croisette and famous festival. Along the bay, palm trees and beaches on one side and casinos and luxury hotels on the other, the Croisette will lead you to the Palais des Festivals. Take advantage of your holiday in Cannes to relax on the beach. There are two public beaches along the Croisette. If you are looking for more peace and quiet, head for the beaches of the Pointe de la Croisette or the Boulevard du Midi. They are also the meeting place for water sports enthusiasts: wakeboarding, parasailing, kayaking, kitesurfing, stand up paddle boarding, diving, catamaran rides…

Cannes is also an authentic destination. If you go away from the coast, during your stay, you will discover the charm of the city and its old districts such as Le Suquet. On weekends, stroll between the stalls of the Allées de la Liberté markets or in the heart of the Forville market to immerse yourself in the local culture, discover specialties such as socca and meet the people of Cannes. Shopaholics can stroll along the Croisette for its luxury stores or Rue d’Antibes for its fashion stores and trendy tea rooms. The Cannes La Bocca district, renowned for its tourist residences, is also a great place for shopping.

Nature lovers can set sail to discover the Lérins Islands: Sainte-Marguerite Island and Saint-Honorat Island, and their fauna and flora. You will be able to explore Fort Royal, which now houses the Museum of the Sea and the Iron Mask prison cell.

La Croisette

The Promenade de la Croisette runs along the magnificent beaches of Cannes for more than 3 km. Originally a simple dirt road, the Croisette has become a real tourist attraction on its own. In its early days, Cannes attracted a wealthy clientele from London before being adored by aristocrats from all over the world. Initially pedestrian, the boulevard bordering the Croisette was opened to traffic. Over time, tourists from all over the world and from all social classes flocked to one of France’s most famous promenades. Today, the Croisette is the characteristic image of the city.

Castre Museum

The Castre Museum is housed in the remains of the medieval castle of the monks of Lérins, a listed historical monument, in Le Suquet. The castle, defensive body and place of worship, was the starting point of the fortified village. The museum houses collections of art and objects from Oceania, the Himalayas, the Americas as well as Mediterranean antiques and pre-Columbian ceramics. It overlooks the town and offers an exceptional view of the Croisette, the bay and the Lérins islands. You can also admire this magnificent panorama from the top of the square tower, the centerpiece of the castle.

Lérins Islands

The Lérins Islands are located in front of the bay of Cannes. The archipelago is composed of Sainte-Marguerite Island and Saint-Honorat Island, which both have a rich natural and cultural heritage. Sainte-Marguerite Island is covered with a national forest of Aleppo pines and eucalyptus. It is dominated by Fort Royal, which was also a state prison. You can also go there to enjoy the sumptuous beaches. As for Saint-Honorat Island, it is particularly famous for its historical monuments: The Monastery Tower, the Napoleonic heated shots, the Saint-Sauveur Chapel and the Trinity Chapel.

Croix des Gardes Nature Park

Located at the top of a hill, the Croix des Gardes Nature Park is home to one of the most beautiful mimosa forests on the coast. As a unique reserve, the park can be discovered for the richness of its fauna and flora. Green lung of the city, it offers a panoramic view around Cannes: The Bay of Cannes, the islands, the Esterel massif and the Préalpes d’Azur. At the top of the hill, you can reach the cross made in 1990 by the artist Jean-Yves Lechevallier. Numerous hiking trails crisscross the park, ideal for the whole family.

Centre d’Art La Malmaison

On the Croisette, Centre d’Art La Malmaison hosts annual exhibitions of renowned artists such as Matisse, Ozenfant, Picasso, Masson, César and Chu Teh-Chun. The area offers an intimate setting with small lounges. Formerly a grand hotel, the Malmaison is the only pavilion still preserved as a whole. Renovated in 1983 then restructured in 1993, Centre d’Art La Malmaison presents two major exhibitions per year.

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