Marseille Markets

France’s second largest city welcomes every week numerous markets in its own image: in the middle of the stalls await you flavors from all over the world, in a jovial, cosmopolitan, colorful and generous atmosphere. Discover the heart and soul of Marseille by visiting the markets frequented by the people of Marseille.

The fish market

Marseille, a dynamic metropolis, is also a port open to the Mediterranean, bordered by waters of great quality. Every night, boats set sail to fish for scorpion fish, sea bream, gurnards (here called galinettes)… These delicious fish are sold on the Old Port in the morning by the fishermen themselves or by their wives. The fish market of Marseille is a real institution, whose atmosphere is punctuated by the singing accent of the fishmongers who apostrophe the onlooker. Taking part in this several century-old show allows you to immerse yourself in a city of Marseille between picturesque and tradition.

  • Days : Every day in the morning
  • Address : Quai de la Fraternité (in front of the Canebière)

The Capucins market

In downtown Marseille, in the heart of a popular district, the Capucin food market is renowned for its particularly attractive prices. But it also offers a reflection of what makes Marseilles truly rich: the blending of cultures between Europe, Asia and Africa, an embodiment of living together in respect, tolerance and good humor. Provençal specialties, spices, oriental dishes, fruits nourished by the African sun are offered. This market allows us to better grasp the strength and soul of Marseille.

  • Days : Monday to Saturday all day long
  • Address: Place du Marché des Capucins, 13001 Marseille

The peasant market of the cours Julien

Did you know that? Marseille welcomes market gardeners and producers on its territory. The city is also located in the heart of a land rich in flavors and discoveries, with fish and shellfish from the Mediterranean, the cheeses of the Rove goats, which frolic in the hills overlooking the Côte Bleue, the wines of Cassis or Pays d’Aix, olives from Velaux and La Fare-les-Oliviers… The farmers’ market is an opportunity to meet local producers who are committed to an organic or reasoned approach, and offers fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, artisanal products (fresh pasta, sauces, jams …).

  • Days: Every Wednesday morning
  • Address: Cours Julien, 13006 Marseille

The Prado fairground market

Stretching on the Avenue du Prado between Place Castellane and Périer, this market is one of the largest in France. Eclecticism is the order of the day with stalls offering clothing, shoes and fashion accessories, and decorative objects, household linen, haberdashery accessories, toys, books… The alleys lined with tall trees bring a welcome coolness in summer. Feel like strolling? You could extend your visit of the market by a walk along the avenue du Prado to the Borély park and the beaches of Marseille.

  • Days: Monday to Saturday
  • Address: Avenue du Prado, 13008 Marseille

The flower market

Provence is famous for its flowers, which thrive on generous sunshine and a favorable climate. The city of Marseille offers several flower markets, which transform certain streets or neighborhoods into veritable gardens of Eden. Strolling between the stalls of the Prado flower market, you will be seized by a symphony of colors, you will remain in admiration of the beauty of the many species of orchids, and you will not fail to be intoxicated by the fragrances of roses, jasmines, lilies and many other flowers produced in the region or coming from the most beautiful parts of the world.

  • Days: Friday morning
  • Address: Avenue du Prado, 13008 Marseille

Useful information and contacts

Numerous markets are organized in the 111 districts of the city. We have selected for you some of the most remarkable markets in Marseille, without being able to list them all. During the end of the year celebrations, the Phocaean city also hosts a Christmas market and a santons fair. Moreover, the dates, times and places are given as an indication and may be subject to change. We invite you to contact the Tourist Office or the City Hall to discover the main markets to be discovered during your stay in Marseille.


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