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Orgon: tourism and travel guide

In the Bouches-du-Rhône, visit the village of Orgon. This traditional village of the Alpilles will seduce you with its old houses and winding streets.

The village of Orgon is still dominated by the ruins of its medieval castle. On a nearby hill, Orgon’s Notre-Dame-de-Beauregard chapel offers a breathtaking view over the Durance valley. The village of Orgon is still dominated by the ruins of its medieval castle. On a nearby hill, Orgon’s Notre-Dame-de-Beauregard chapel offers a breathtaking view over the Durance valley. An exceptional heritage also awaits you in the neighbouring villages of the Alpilles: churches, chapels, châteaux, museums, historic monuments…

In Orgon, nature is always accessible. The village is the starting point of many hiking trails: unevenness, length, you will find itineraries suitable for beginners as well as experienced walkers. in the Bouches-du-Rhône, outdoor activities are numerous. Have you ever tried climbing? Do you want to take part in a horseback ride?

The gastronomic specialties of the Alpilles are a tourist attraction in their own right. In Orgon, greed is the order of the day! Visit the local producers and farmers directly and taste the flavors of the regional markets. In Orgon you will find the main stores, and you will enjoy the good mood of a human-sized village in the Bouches-du-Rhône. The Orgon market takes place every Thursday evening during the summer season.

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You can contact the Tourist Office to discover all the tourist attractions in the area.

The Alpilles

The Alpilles massif, with its ridges of white rock between the Rhône and the Durance, is home to a remarkable biodiversity. For thousands of years, men have been shaping this 30 km long and more than 10 km wide territory. You can explore the Alpilles on foot, by bike or on horseback.

The Alpilles are also home to villages of character and a remarkable architectural heritage, which have lived for millennia from the production of wine and olive oil . Ancient town of Glanum, castle of Les Baux, castle of Tarascon, art galleries of Saint-Rémy Ecomuseum of La Crau, the historical heritage of the Regional Natural Park of the Alpilles conceals many treasures.

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The Notre-Dame-de-Beauregard chapel

Orgon has been inhabited for thousands of years, and the hill near the present-day village has yielded the remains of an ancient protohistoric oppidum. There is evidence of a place of worship dating back to the Middle Ages, with a hermitage and a chapel dedicated to Saint-Pierre.

A convent was built in the 17th century. Destroyed during the Revolution, it was rebuilt in 1875 thanks to Canon Bonnard. A new neo-Romanesque church was built, and its familiar silhouette still dominates the Durance valley and the A7 motorway.

You can admire many ex-votos, testimonies to the faith and gratitude of the local people and believers.

Museums close to Orgon

While in Orgon, you can visit Urgonia, a museum dedicated to palaeontology and archaeology, where you can admire fossils, remains from archaeological digs and many other treasures. A 3.5 km walking trail completes the visit to the museum.

From Orgon, you can easily reach Cavaillon and Salon-de-Provence, which are home to a number of museums:

  • Cavaillon: Musée archéologique, Musée Jouve, Musée juif comtadin…
  • Salon-de-Provence: Château de l’Emperi, Maison de Nostradamus, Musée du savon de Marseille…

Visiting Orgon: practical information

The Terre de Provence tourist office provides all the tourist information you need to plan your visit or stay in Orgon: