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Located about ten kilometers north of Draguignan, Montferrat is a tourist village in Var. Discover an authentic place amidst beautiful landscapes!

The small village of Montferrat is nestled in the midst of wooded hills, in a preserved natural setting. The houses are situated along the banks of the Nartuby River and are surrounded by meadows, olive groves, and pine forests. You can stop at a little square and listen to the sound of water: a fountain from 1751 is supplied by the Pierrepont spring, with water conveyed through a one-kilometer-long underground aqueduct.

Approximately 4 kilometers to the north, the Canjuers Camp is occupied by the French Army for shooting exercises. It spans over 14 hectares and is a strategic location.

Numerous outdoor activities await you in the vicinity. This is an opportunity to try hiking or cycling on paths through the preserved landscapes of Provence. In Var, outdoor activities are abundant. You could also opt for a horseback excursion, or experience the thrill of climbing or a treetop adventure.

From the shores of the Mediterranean to the hills and the foothills of the Haute Provence mountains, the diversity of the terroirs in Var offers renowned gastronomy. In the Montferrat area, discover a selection of local markets where producers introduce you to tasty specialties. You can also have lunch or dinner at a restaurant in Montferrat, indoors or on the terrace.

Plan your stay in this particularly pleasant region by contacting the Montferrat Tourist Office. If you’re looking for accommodation in the Var department, many tourists prefer camping under the Var’s sun. You can also find bed and breakfasts and hotels to suit all budgets. You can prepare for your vacation by booking your accommodation online.

Excursion in Dracénie

From Montferrat, you can access some of the most popular tourist attractions in Var.

The town of Draguignan, located about ten kilometers south of Montferrat, boasts a lively historic center and several museums. Here, you can explore the Museum of Artillery or the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions.

Many villages in Dracénie offer pleasant tourist stops. Near Montferrat, Châteaudouble overlooks the Nartuby Valley. You can also visit Bargemon or Bargème, two other picturesque villages located just a few minutes away by car.

Practical information

If you’re planning to spend your holidays in Dracénie and are looking for information on accommodations, monuments, and tourist activities, you can contact the Dracénie Provence Verdon Tourist Office:

Montferrat offers several restaurants to welcome you, and there’s also amarket every Wednesday morning.