Shopping in Saint-Tropez

What if you made the most of your stay to treat yourself to a shopping session? Are you staying in Saint-Tropez (83)? You can organise a pleasant shopping session for yourself!

Markets are multiplying in the Var, especially in the summer season. Collectors can also hunt for bargains at the brocantes organised in the area. In autumn, the Braderie de Saint-Tropez attracts a huge crowd!

For any fashion-addict, Saint-Tropez is THE shopping destination on the French Riviera! The biggest luxury brands have taken over old private mansions and charming residences. Lovers of refinement will find their favourite brands here: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Chanel are among them, to name but a few!

Shopping in Saint-Tropez also allows you to discover original creations by talented designers and independent brands. Your window-shopping session will therefore have many surprises in store for you!

Are you exhausted from your shopping session? You can enjoy a Tarte Tropézienne, a delicious local speciality, to regain your strength.