Visit Saint-Tropez in 1 day

Seaside resort on the Côte d’Azur, Saint-Tropez is legendary with its celebrities. Are you staying nearby? Discover a selection of activities to visit Saint-Tropez in one day!

Walk around the port of Saint-Tropez

On the port of Saint-Tropez, the spectacle is everywhere. The pointus, traditional boats, share the sea with graceful sailboats and billionaire yachts. On the quays, the shops and restaurants offer many discoveries to onlookers. You can go shopping, sit down on the terrace of an establishment to sip a cold drink or taste local specialities.

Visit the Annonciade Museum

In an old chapel, the museum houses works by Signac, Matisse, Derain, and some of the great painters of Fauvism, Pointillism and the Nabi movement. This quiet place offers you a cultural and relaxing break in a day full of emotions.

Cross the walls of the citadel

Dating back to the 17th century, the citadel houses the Saint-Tropez Maritime History Museum within its mighty walls. Visitors can learn about the daily life of women and men who once lived from the sea, through fishing or trading.

Meet Louis de Funès and his gendarmes

The film series of the “Gendarme à Saint-Tropez” appeals to spectators of all ages and all generations. By visiting the Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum, you can immerse yourself in the unforgettable and nostalgic universe of these masterpieces.

A shopping session in luxury boutiques

The city of Saint-Tropez is home to many luxury houses and talented designers. You can devote a few hours of your visiting day to an unforgettable shopping session. Perfumes, clothes, Saint-Tropez sandals, discover the best of fashion and luxury!