What to do in Saint-Tropez when it rains?

Rain does not fall often in the Var, but it is not completely absent either, even in summer. What to do in Saint-Tropez when it rains? Visiting a monument gives you a fun experience, as well as shelter from bad weather. You don’t want to stay all day in the museums? You can also go to a shopping center, discover the local terroir in a covered market, … You will find a wide choice of activities sheltered from the rain, which you can experience as a couple, with friends or with family.< /p>

The Annonciade Museum welcomes tourists on rainy days in Saint-Tropez. The old chapel which gave its name to the museum houses works of inestimable value. Pointillism, Fauvism and Nabism are in the spotlight with paintings by Matisse, Derain, Dufy and even Braque.

Who hasn’t seen Le Gendarme à Saint- Tropez, a great cinema classic where the talented Louis de Funès expresses all his comic genius? The Gendarmerie Museum of Saint-Tropez addresses in particular the myth of the reality of Saint-Tropez through the mirages of cinema.

Shopping is a popular activity when it rains. Saint-Tropez is home to luxury boutiques and designer workshops. You can also treat yourself to a gourmet or comforting break by sitting in a café or restaurant.