Large port city and important military base for the French Navy, Toulon is also located in the heart of a privileged territory.

A sea excursion allows you to discover some of the flagships of our war fleet (frigates, cruisers, torpedo boats, submarines, aircraft carriers…) up close, while admiring the superb coastline of the Toulon roadstead. Your boat trip can also take you as far as the Embiez islands or the Hyères islands.

The land side, the sea side and the islands of Toulon. On the land side, you can also schedule an excursion to Mont-Faron, a high hill overlooking the town. At the top, accessible by cable car, a memorial dedicated to the Second World War and a fawn house welcome you. You can also go on a getaway to Provence Verte, a wooded region watered in particular by the Argens, where charming villages nestle. Experience an unforgettable day on an excursion from Toulon!