Provence, Enjoy the unexpected

Set next to the shores of the Med, Provence is a land of exception, appreciated throughout the globe for the beauty of its landscapes and inimitable lifestyle. An endless source of inspiration, it has seduced the greatest artists and continues to attract new talents. Its landscapes and striking contrasts promise unforgettable holiday experiences.

Provence benefits from widespread notoriety associated with its legendary lifestyle, rich culture & heritage, location bordering the Mediterranean Sea and reputation as a holiday haven. It continues to live up to its picture-postcard image of peaceful strolls in endless lavender fields, rosé wine sundowners, chirping cicadas and architectural marvels standing witness to a rich and ancient history. But the reality of Provence sometimes exceeds the myth: a buzzing and constantly-evolving culture and territory, a hub of contemporary art and architecture, a flourishing mecca of gastronomy, lively streets and nights to remember…

Enjoy the Unexpected!

The “Provence, Enjoy the Unexpected” brand aims to spread the Provence dream worldwide, banish clichés and show that authenticity can marry happily with modernity. Provence is the picture-postcard place dreams are made of, but it offers many unexpected facets too, hence the name chosen for the brand. Fronted by over 30 partners, it is designed to refresh the image of Provence and conquer a younger clientele by offering unexpected experiences that complement Provence’s traditional lifestyle. The brand has inspired a joint action plan aimed at improving the destination’s weight and visibility worldwide.