5 good reasons to use

lavender essential oil every day

Grown and produced in Provence, lavender essential oil has found its place in our beauty routines It’s a great care product for the mind and little everyday inconveniences and when you’ve learned more about its virtues, you won’t be able to do without it!

#1 To feel calmer and boost your well-being

The gentle fragrance of lavender, familiar to all of us, conjures up feelings of cool and heat, and can be found in its essential oil. Recommended for its calming and sedative virtues, it soothes and helps you to relax. Inhale 4 drops in a diffuser or breathe in the vapour from a big bowl of boiling water to which you’ve added a few drops of lavender essential oil and let it act gently. Repeat the inhalations several times a day to fully feel the positive effects on your body and mind. This 100% natural product is also a good remedy for getting to sleep easier and having sweet dreams. Lavender essential oil is particularly useful against insomnia, sleep problems, irritability, anxiety, depression and also hypersensitivity and mood swings.

#2 Create your own homemade cosmetics or household products

Looking after yourself and your house begins with the products you use! It’s never easy to find a 100% natural shower gel unless you do it yourself, so what about making your own lavender-scented shower gel or hand cream? Come and learn how to make your own cosmetics and househld products at the Distillerie Aroma Plantes in Sault using only the organic ingredients of your choice. On the spot, you’ll see a demonstration of the traditional method for making the lavender dollies you can put in your wardrobes (our grandmothers’ best recipe for getting rid of moths!).


#3 Looking after and healing your skin

To gently heal a wound using a natural antiseptic, try lavender essential oil. With its antiseptic, healing and regenerating skin properties, the wound won’t leave a mark and you’ll soothe your skin’s discomfort! Apply it on your skin as a remedy for burns, sunburn, itches, dermatosis, nervous eczema, razor burn, skin fungi, psoriasis, etc. By regenerating the cutaneous tissue, lavender essential oil accelerates and increases the healing process. A real must for your first-aid kit. You can also try this miracle product on blisters, stings and other wounds!

#4 Reducing athletes’ injuries

Sports enthusiasts should always have some in their bag. Lavender essential oil has anti-muscle pain, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties. Filled with anti-inflammatory components, it soothes and locally anaesthetizes the pain and stops it from lasting. To make the most of its benefits, apply 2 to 3 drops directly on the site of the pain and massage the area with circular movements for the product to penetrate well and help ease the pain.

#5 Master the fundamentals of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of the aromatic components of plants, most of the time in the form of essential oils (very often obtained by distilling), to prevent and alleviate certain disorders and also for well-being and soothing. Laboratoire CentiflorHuiles et Sens in Entrechaux offers aromatherapy workshops near Vaison-la-Romaine, in a magnificent setting in the middle of the lavender fields beside Mont Ventoux. The laboratory makes natural, customized, cheap and zero-waste “homemade” beauty products. You can choose from their workshops: cosmetics, natural perfumes, aromatherapy or well-being, so why wait? Start learning!


Behind the scenes in the making of this prodigious oil

Go right to the heart of where this astonishing oil is made on guided tours offered by the Lavandes Angelvin family farm. On the plateau de Valensole, where wheat grows alongside lavender, discover lavender from traditional growing to distillation. In La Mure-Argens, Véronique also offers guided tours on her Bleu d’Argens estate where she grows 20 hectares of lavender and introduces you to the mysteries of distillation and knowledge of essential oils and shares the pleasures of aromatherapy. You’ll just love these two producers and you’ll be sure to find something lovely to buy on the spot!



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