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The Best Mediterranean Beaches

Explore this exceptional coastline to find the perfect beach to spread out your towel, take a dip, and unwind.

Let Yourself Be Inspired

From the Var to the Camargue, you will find beach club beaches, natural beaches, dance floor beaches and beaches to try out with your family. Experience Med-style beach life just as you please. Picture yourself aboard a sail boat for 10 days, embarking from the Massif de l’Esterel, to the Camargue and along the Mediterranean coast. The promise of a voyage on exceptional waters, stunning panoramas, and beaches to satisfy every mood.

Depart From Saint-Raphaël

Day 1 and 2

It’s departure day! Set sail from the small port of Santa Lucia to Saint-Raphaël, along the Corniche d’Or and the astonishing volcanic red rocks of the Massif de l’Esterel.  First stop: Ramatuelle. The intimacy of its little fine sand beaches and straw huts guarantee cool shade during the heat of the day. In the evening, head to the sparkle of Saint-Tropez where beaches transform into dance floors and palm groves are decked out with outdoor lounges where you can sip cocktails facing the sea.

A Nature Retreat on the Îles d’Or

Days 3, 4 & 5 

After the hustle and bustle of the night, escape on a nature retreat in the idyllic setting of the Îles d’Or, a botanical paradise just off the shore from Hyères. Plan to linger a few days here. Enough time to dive and explore the seabed, stroll the marked trails scented with pines, and stretch out on the warm sand at the little coves, splashing your toes in the translucent water.

The islands of Provence

Bike on the Île des Embiez!

Day 6

Last stop before the calanques: the Île des Embiez. Hire a bike to tour the beaches (like plage des Allemands and plage du Rix) and the coves in the north of the island. Careful, you might have to put in a bit of effort: some of the trails to the coves are steep! In the evening, under a starry sky, listen to a jazz concert, cocktail in hand, on a terrace with a sea view in Six-Four-les-Plages.

The Spectacular Parc National des Calanques

Day 7 

Continue your escape in the Parc National des Calanques. When you pass Cap Canaille, admire Cassis‘ little harbour, well-sheltered between the Col de la Gineste and Cap Canaille. Drop anchor in the Calanque d’En Vau and swim to the beach. From your first step on the sand, the magic of the calanque kicks in. Here you are immersed in the heart of a natural jewel. Now that you’re hooked, you opt for the all-inclusive package and swim in every calanque from Cassis to Marseille. The ultimate stopover for hikers: the tranquility of the cabanons, fishermen’s huts. Preserved in their original state, you can’t help but marvel!

From the Calanques to the Côte Bleue

Day 8 and 9

On the Plage de Sormiou, enjoy an ice-cream alongside the locals. For a moment, you will feel like you’re from around here! Take advantage of it to try out paddle-boarding. Not easy to begin with, but once you get your balance, you will walk on the turquoise waters of the calanques. It’s almost the end of the voyage. Moor at Frioul by night to admire Marseilleshimmering at night. The next day, departure for the Côte Bleue. Unknown to tourists, this part of the Mediterranean coast, with its preserved villages and secret coves, brims with many charms. On the plage de Niolon, rent a mask and snorkel in the crystal-clear water.

Finish up in the Camargue

Day 10

After passing Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, you’ll finally reach the Camargue, a mix of vast wild expanses and sandy beaches. Stretch out on a bamboo lounge chair and order a tasty, fresh fish dish or a carpaccio de taureau (bull.) Your journey to the best Mediterranean beaches is coming to an end, but the memory of your sail through unexpected waters will forever be engraved in your mind.