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Provence Weather: Year-Round Sun

With record sunshine thanks to the mistral and very mild temperatures even in winter, Provence charms in every season. Ideally, visit it in spring or autumn.


A Caliente Atmosphere

If you like the sun and heat, this is the place for you. In Provence, the sunshine is record-breaking: 300 days a year! In summer, blue sky is guaranteed and the climate is very dry: temperatures regularly break the 30-degree mark. Water temperature can reach 23 degrees in August and September. Rain is rare, particularly along the coast. But watch out for thunderstorms: they can be violent. In summer, the mistral, the dry, cold wind from the north and the centre of France, which arrives in Provence via the Rhône valley, brings some coolness to the big cities.



Mild Temps and the Mistral

Temperatures are mild and the sky is clear on the coast of Provence, thanks to sea currents. Winter is cooler inland. That’s how it is for the Vaucluse and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, where the Alpine influence can be felt and the summits are covered in snow. But overall temperatures remain mild, it even regularly reaches 10 degrees through the day. Between December and April the mistral, with some gusts of more than 100km/h, blows in Provence.


Spring and Fall

The Beautiful Seasons

In Provence, winter is short. Temperatures start to rise from March. Temperatures are far higher than the national average. It’s a beautiful time, sunny days, the first lunches on the terraces and days getting longer. You can enjoy the beauties of Provence and its villages with complete peace of mind. This is also the case in autumn, which has fine days until the end of October.