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Do It Yourself workshops geared to Provence

The new lifestyle trend is DIY. You don’t have to be a qualified seamstress or a DIY enthusiast! What about putting your name down for the creative workshops of Provencal craftsmen who invite you to let your imagination run wild and discover new passions?

Brew your own beer in Marseille

In Marseille, the Brasserie de la Plaine offers brewery workshops just next to the Cours Julien. The brewers will show you all the techniques you can master to reproduce the brewing of beer and invite you to compose your own recipes according to your tastes and the moment. And when you leave, you’ll have only one thing on your mind: to surprise your friends at the next apéritif. Should you wish to perfect the technique and become masters of the hop, choose the introduction to brewery day to make your own beer and follow a brew from start to finish. Two months later, when the brew has fermented, you can come and fetch a few bottles from the brewery to drink at home.

Make 100% natural daily products in the capital of lavender

In the land of lavender, the Aroma Plantes distillery, at the foot of  Mont Ventoux offers a pleasant range of activities. You’ll discover the Lavandoscope, a unique place entirely devoted to lavender, its history and news along with botany and its uses. In the DIY workshops, you’ll learn how to make your own cosmetics, such as your cream, using the organic ingredients of your choice. And on the lavender excursions, as you’re on your way to the field, learn how to cut with sickle and saquette. When you get back to the distillery, weigh what you’ve collected and watch it being distilled. Meanwhile, would-be soapmakers can discover cold saponification in a laboratory and make their own shower gel using only organic ingredients.

Make delicious biscuits in the Alpes de Haute Provence

The pâtisserie-chocolaterie La Boîte à Biscuits in Digne-les-Bains is a real treasure trove for those with a sweet tooth who have come to enjoy and discover the whole range of exclusively local and “made in France” products. Here, biscuits, chocolates and sweets are made with products from local producers and artisans (almonds from Provence, lavender flowers, flour, honey from Provence…) Free of preservatives and with natural aromas is the pâtisserie’s motto. And you’ll discover all this by trying your hand in the workshops and lessons offered by La Boîte à Biscuits. The pastry chefs and chocolatiers will tell you about the history of chocolate, the raw materials, savoir-faire and techniques which have given cocoa its fame. According to the season or the festivities, participants of all ages will make delicious shortbreads together and feel proud to be able to enjoy them with their family. So, who’s going to be tempted by the next family pastry lesson?

Make your Organic cosmetics with essential oils from Provence

Renowned for blending beauty and natural well-being, French cosmetics with essential oils made in the Un Mas en Provence distillery in Bellegarde, will tempt you. A hotspot of delicate and gentle fragrances, this authentic Provencal is a heady sensory experience. Discover the distillation processes through the organic cultivation of aromatic plants and how they are made into essential oils, as well as the creation of organically certified perfumes. On the spot, you can create your own refreshing Lemon Balm and Verbena shower gels, May rose face cream, solid soap or shampoo and even repairing hand cream. As you follow the guided tour of the farm, you’ll find out all about the organic farming methods based on lunar cycles which are used on these plants.

A knitting lesson in the Var Lamas breeding centre

What could be more cosy than a llama wool pullover? Try it once, and you’ll be hooked ! The Var Lama breeding centre, in Six-Fours-les-Plages, invite you to discover how to work with llama wool in an educational course : “Discovery and creation, approach and knowledge of lamas”. The breeders will help you get to know these strange companions. This tenderly commented introductory journey can be done in three distinct but complementary workshops. First of all, the grooming workshop to gain the trust of the herd : You’ll work with the lamas in a corral. Next, the introductory workshop for hiking with lamas and last of all, the wool discovery workshop where you can learn how to knit a pullover or a scarf that you can take home with you, to give as a present or wear as much as you like.

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