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On the filming locations of cult movies in Provence

Romance, comedy or police procedural? There are films for all tastes in Provence. Go behind the scenes of these cult movies and emblematic scenes shot in the south of France. A life-size movie set to play as being a Hollywood actor and add to one’s list of movie ideas!

Love and adventure are there for all in the Alpes de Haute Provence

The Horseman on the Roof, a film by Jean-Paul Rappeneau

What would you say to discovering Provence, its history and landscapes… in love story mode? Get ready to watch The Horseman on the Roof by Jean-Paul Rappeneau. The story, inspired by the novel by Jean Giono, recounts the year 1832 when Provence was devastated by cholera. We see Provencal landscapes from on high as we follow the adventure of a young Italian hussar named Angelo. Exiled in France for a mysterious mission and wanted by the Austrians, his ony hiding place is the roofs of Manosque. Spoiler: a tender love story between the young hussar and a young woman named Pauline will be born between the torments of war and cholera…


Père fils thérapie! A film by Emile Gaudreault

Could mountains have soothing properties? In the movie Père fils thérapie ! by Émile Gaudreault, it’s reconciliation time in this movie which takes place in the Gorges du Verdon. Follow the amusing story of a father and his son who can’t bear each other, sent forcibly by their relations on a reconciliation training course in the mountains. A “Father and son adventure” in the bewitcing setting of the Verdon, with its cliffs, valleys and breath taking landscapes, a good idea for your holidays in France. Released in 2016, you’ll recognize the actors Richard Berry and Jacques Gamblin.


Action in the Bouches-du-Rhône

Taxi, the cult movie by Gérard Pirès

Watch out in Marseille! You may have seen a taxi cut you off at high speed in the streets of Marseille, it’s probably Daniel. An expert driver and former pizza delivery guy converted into a taxi driver and taken on by a policeman to foil a gang of bank robbers… Come and see for yourselves the shooting locations of Taxi, Gérard Pirès’ cult movie, in the unique setting of the city of Marseille. With the actors Samy Naceri, Frédéric Diefenthal and Marion Cottilard, this popular movie now belongs to the French cinema heritage and some of the dialogues have become famous… Alerte généraaaale !

Marseille, a sitcom by Dan Franck and Florent Siri

A change of scene with this sitcom which was filmed in Marseille and released in 2016. The muffled but electric atmosphere in Marseille City Hall, just before the municipal election. Robert Taro, Mayor of the town for 25 years, decides to run again following a political betryal, and finds himself opposed to Lucas Barres, who he had initially chosen as his successor. Following this turnaround, a succession of violent clashes are going to implicate the whole town in this political combat. We love the fast-moving screenplay with Gérard Depardieu and Benoit Magimel.


When love takes over in the Gard

Ici tout commence, a sitcom by Coline Assous, Eric Fuhrer and Othma

Welcome to the Gard, on the filming locations of Ici tout commence! This successful sitcom by Coline Assous, Eric Fuhrer and Othman has won over its audience ever since it was launched. Filmed in Saint Laurent d’Aigouze in the Château de Calvières, of which part is listed a Historical Monument, there are some great names of the movie world such as Francis Huster or Vanessa Demouy… The story takes place in one the best cookery schools in France: l’institut Auguste Armand. Behind the stoves, a tangle of love stories and conflicts, that even the beauty of the Camargue settings cannot soothe… The spectator is swept away.

Tandem, a sitcom by Jérémy Marcus

Are you wondering where Tandem, Jérémy Marcus’ sitcom was shot? In the Gard, yet again! Several episodes have their settings in the typical towns of Aigues-Mortes, Saint-Maurent and even the quarter of Port-Camargue in Le Grau du Roi. Follow the adventures of two police colleagues… an ex-husband and wife, who do their best to work as a team in their jobs and at home in their everyday life with their two children. A story where professional and private lives mingle and that we’ve been enjoying since 2016 in its 4 seasons with Astrid Veillon and Stéphane Blancafort.

Amorous and police misadventures in the Var

Et Dieu… créa la femme, a film by Roger Vadim

Want to see a fresh, light film shot in one of the most beautiful landscapes in France? Head for the little harbour of Saint-Tropez under the heat of the southern sun, where the beautiful Juliette wins over a lot of hearts. Follow the story of this really beautiful woman who cannot make up her mind about men who tries in vain to seduce 3 of them… Released in 1956 with Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Louis Trintignant, Et Dieu… créa la femme is a movie where the way a woman’s body is treated has us shocked and fantasizing at the same time. BB affirms little by little her status as a star and a sex-symbol and young French women looking for emancipation copy the Bardot style. Ahhh that inimitable pink gingham dress.


Le passager de la pluie, a movie by René Clément

The Var, a shooting location for many French movies, is also the setting for Le passager de la pluie by René Clément. Filmed in the town of Hyères, it was released in 1970 with Charles Bronson, Marlène Jobert and Annie Cordy and was awarded a Golden Globe for the best foreign film in 1971. Get comfortable in your armchair and follow the tumultuous adventures of our heroine, Mélancolie Mau, a young woman raped in her home who manages to kill her aggressor, but then finds herself suspected of murder. A little teaser for you: Mélancolie and the mysterious investigator play a strange game …


A holiday feeling in the Vaucluse

Swimming Pool, a movie by François Ozon

The movie Swimming Pool will be sure to give you ideas for holidays in France. François Ozon takes us into a sublime home in the Luberon, in the little village of Ménerbes. And here we find Sarah Morton, a detective story writer suffering from a lack of inspiration, who has come to relax in the villa of her publisher, who had also been her lover. To Sarah’s great disappointment, it is not her lover who comes to visit but his daughter, a charming young woman full of qualities who kindles the author’s feelings of jealousy, and also stimulates her writing…

Mr Bean’s Holiday, a movie by Steve Bendelack

Looking for a fun film for a change? Look no further and leave for a holiday under the Provencal sun with the bizarre Mr. Bean. From Cavaillon to Avignon, and from Sault to Oppède, roam the landscapes of Provence in the quirky adventures full of twists of this strange character. How does it start? He is the lucky winner of a week’s holiday in the south, plus a camera… He meets the famous filmmaker Emil Duchevsky and his son. A meeting which will sure to upset his holiday!