Top 3 Street Art spots

in the Var

An itinerary of graffiti and street art fashion the walls and little streets in the Var, making them a stylish street art window, like an open-air museum. Artistic gems and encounters add to the Var lifestyle which is both inspirational and fascinating!

La Seyne-sur-Mer, the graff reference

Georges Sand qualified the town’s coastline as “heaven on earth”, and it’s currently a nationally and internationally famous graffiti spot, yes, we’re talking about La Seyne-Sur-Mer. Art residences have been organised by l’Espace Culturel l’Impasse for over 10 years. With the Graphik Art project, the walls which have become real areas for expression, are still being decorated with new colours. Head for Place Perrin where the Brazilian graffiti artist Rita Waimer created the work entitled “Je pense à toi”. Continue on towards Impasse Noël Verlaque where Hopare – an emblematic figure of street art all over the world – has left his signature on a monumental work at No 43. In the same quarter, the Dutch artist Dopie has also let his imagination rip… Involved in defending biodiversity, he has given us several animals to admire: the fish on Place de la Lune, the pink rabbit on Place des Moussi, the green bulldog at the entrance to the bar L’Impasse and the giraffe on the house opposite the theatre. And last of all, our favourite: the huge Marianne between Rue Ramatuelle and Quai Saturnin-Fabre, which can be seen from Quai Péri. Not to be missed, for over two decades on the Bois-Sacré former industrial site a real graffiti musuam has opened with huge frescoes made by local graffiti artists.

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Saint-Raphaël and its artistic wanderings

Recognized as a gallery-village, like other big tourist towns such as Berlin, Paris, Sète and even Bordeaux, Saint-Raphaël also has its « Musée à Ciel Ouvert » (M.A.C.O. – open air musuem). On this wall of urban art in the Quartier des Arts opposite the Centre Culturel, 17 artists from a variety of horizons have performed with creations of pop-up and varied art. More than 300 m² of street art decorated walls await you for a recreational, curious wander from the historic centre to the beach and past shopkeepers’ pretty boutiques On the way, you’ll discover works by artists with very different styles such as RATUR & SCKARO, LOKISS, BROK, SOLAK, AKHINE, ABES, MEPHISTO, Sandrine LORENZO… And then you can see the stencils painted on the terrace of the Centre Culturel by pupils in the “plastic art” section of the Lycée Saint-Exupéry. Here, street art is open to all and attracts many local admirers. And, every year, the “Résonances Urbaines” festival offers an itinerary dedicated to urban art for enthusiasts! Because there’s no way you can ignore it when you stop on the patio of the Centre Culturel Georges Ginesta (Place Gabriel Péri), the masterly work by Lokiss – a pioneer of graffiti in Europe – has your full attention. The colourful fresco measures 70m² and took him 11 days of work, 36 different colours of paint in 80 spray-cans to finish it.

Toulon, urban source of inspiration

The Quartier du Mourillon in Toulon and its very beautiful coastal trail guarantee a wander which is both out-of-the-ordinary and inspiring with a lovely part which goes through the Quartier des Arts, with beautiful art discoveries in the few portraits by Sufyr. The artist, born in Frejus is a figure of urban art in Toulon. On the doors and facades of Rue de l’Hôpital or Rue des Savonnières, several stencils by stret artists are revealed. Ever since he was a child, he has loved drawing and tried surrealism for some time before branching out into tattooing and then graffiti. He chose the street and particularly Toulon to express his art: the last area for freedom of expression according to him. In his frescoes, the artist has created surprising encounters between Coluche and Julius Caesar or David Bowie and Frida Kahlo. Street art enthusiasts should stop off at Galerie Lisa in the new Quartier des Arts in Toulon. This Ali Baba’s cave aims to democratize contemporary art and street art to make them accessible to everyone. There you can buy illustrations and local artists’ creations and admire the works of around twenty artists from all horizons such as Sufyr’s stencils, and also pictures by Sementery, Monsieur Z and Antoine Denoix. Last but not least, in Rue des arts – Rue Pierre Semard – art isn’t just there in the galleries, but also on the street walls with photos, paintings, graffiti… Street art has made itself a nest in this creative quarter dedicated to a lifestyle.

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