Top 5 applications to discover Provence


On holiday, among the fields of lavender, the rice fields of Camargue, and the deep blue water, the most beautiful Provencal landscapes reveal their stories in a new way in various downloadable applications: pocket-sized digital guides.

Rando Gard, the free adventure app!

Looking for open-air activities or trails you can follow to discover the heritage and natural areas? Rando Gard is the website and above all the app to download now. With its voice guidance, it’ll be your next excursion guide. Rando Gard will keep you busy while you’re in Provence with its interpretation trails and its wide variety of walking or cycling itineraries, for all ages and all levels. Hikers, cyclists, adventurers and lovers of discovery and all sorts of escapades are sure to adopt it. The application uses geolocation to offer you nature itineraries in the vicinity: so, just choose the one you want most and let the app guide you freely. Rated 4.6/5 on Applestore, its users are amply satisfied by the 100% natural spaces in the Gard that it offers. All the itineraries are accessible on the website and the application is available in the app stores.


The Var in augmented reality with Archistoire© “Destination Var”

Use the Archistoire “Destination Var” hybrid reality mobile app with its 360° view to travel without leaving your home. Set off on an exploration with your smartphone and discover the heritage of the Var, along with its nature and history in an immersive experience. These visit itineraries called “stories” are to be discovered on the scale of a department, a territory, a town, or even a quarter. Discover the towns of Toulon, Le Faron, Saint-Tropez, and even La Londe as you’ve never seen them before. When you’ve downloaded the app and chosen a story, let the app guide you. If you can’t actually be on the spot, these visit itineraries are just as good from a distance. Anyone can enjoy them! The real “must” story is the photo exhibition “Archilumen, dialogue sensible entre lumière et architectures dans le Var”. With the photographs of Michel Eisenlohr and texts by the author Lucile Bordes, this story challenges the relationship between light and architecture through a selection of emblematic buildings in the Var.


L’Aventure géologique, the fun app to (re)discover the Alpes de Haute Provence

“L’aventure géologique” (the geological adventure) takes you onboard a time machine to discover the history of the Alpes de Haute Provence on a space-time journey of a new type. With the app, two keen geologists, Frederico Sacco and Edouard-Alfred Martel are your guides and they reveal the great secrets of the landscapes between Provence and the Alps and in particular the formation of 22 exceptional time-marking geosites. Among them: the Lac d’Allos, the Gorges du Verdon, the Pénitents in Les Mées and the granites of Argentera. With the app, you can also free the prisoner of time in Digne-les-Bains or set off to discover the magic amulet in Barcelonnette. On your way, there are breathtaking landscapes, spas to recharge your batteries and an exceptional heritage with 18 discovery itineraries to meet these Provencal wonders. The website and the application guarantee fun and learning with the family.


The Musée d’Histoire de Marseille in 3 clicks

Right next to the Vieux Port, the architecture of the Musée d’Histoire de Marseille is a fascinating close link between the town, its museum and the archaeological sites of the ancient Harbour, in the manner of an open-air exhibition room. To follow the Voie Historique de Marseille, the major heritage route of the town linking the Musée d’Histoire de Marseille to the MUCEM, download the museum’s application. Thanks to augmented reality, you’ll be crossing the ancient town from East to West, from one gateway to the other of the town. When you’ve downloaded the app, all you have to do is choose a period, open your eyes and ears wide and follow the interactive map. Streamed geolocated programmes give an unusual sight and sound experience along the oldest street in France. You’ll see impressive reenactments, images from the archives, interviews of specialists… directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Discover the Palais des Papes in Avignon virtually with a 360° view

Both a fortress and a papal residence, the Palais des Papes (Papal Palace) in Avignon was the seat of Western Christianity up to the 14th century. Visit it with the HistoPad and discover this historic gem in a fun way with videos, 3D graphics and other surprises. The digital tablet takes you digitally through the doors of time to discover the opulence of the Papal court in the 14th century in an immersive experience. When you enter one of the rooms in the palace, the tablet is automatically triggered and you are shown the room as it would have been in the 14th century in augmented reality. Commentaries and musical illustrations present the room and you can zoom in on the objects and decors to capture the minutest details. To develop children’s curiosity, there’s a recreational and interactive activity in the form of a treasure hunt.