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Top 8 of unexpected bookshops in Provence

What a pleasure to open a book on the beach, in a hammock with the sound of the cicadas or lové in an armchair in front of a Mediterranean garden. And what a pleasure, too, to carefully choose the book that will give us a thrill among the thousands of books to be found in bookshops. So, off we go on a tour of the most unusual bookshops in Provence, to find the book of your dreams.

Le Moulin des Contes in Hyères

A unique place where literature goes with a warm, friendly atmosphere

Looking for an original activity when you visit Hyères? Head for the medieval centre of the village and the charming Le Moulin des Contes bookshop hidden away in the former olive oil mill. A warm atmosphere prevails in this unusual literary tea room, managed by the Lire à Hyères association. There are books, of course, but the mill also hosts themed evenings: poems, plays and even concerts charm spectators all year round. You’ll be able to meet authors and attend lectures. You’re still a child at heart or you’re nostalgic for the time when you used to have stories read to you at bedtime? Come and attend one of the storytelling evenings conte in the bookshop!



Les Arcenaulx in Marseille

A blend of literature and gastronomy

Inside the walls of Les Arcenaulx, the art of words rubs shoulders with the art of cookery. This bookshop, in the heart of Marseille, welcomes you in an unexpected setting. Beside the restaurant where you can enjoy Provencal dishes, the Librairie Jeanne Lafitte bookshop welcomes you to its story-filled bookshelves. From literature to human sciences and art and gastronomy, you’re sure to find something in this hodgepodge of old books and more recent publications. Looking for a specific book or you just want to find your next bed-time read? The bookshop’s experts will be happy to advise you. The bookshop’s little extra? The exceptional collection devoted to the history of Marseille and Provence with prints, old or newer books, travelogues… Have a good trip.


Le Bleuet in Banon

A bookshop that sees things in a big way

Let’s go to the village of Banon and the biggest independent bookshop in France in a rural area: Le Bleuet. Every year a large number of visitors come to discover the thousands of books on its shelves. For kids and adults, there’s something for everyone. From literary works with the most awards, to essays and even novels, and of course the famous comics and mangas. The bookshop’s top 3? À la Grâce de Marseille (The Heartsong of Charging Elk) by James Welch, Fragments d’un discours amoureux by Roland Barthes and Carnet du lent chemin by Joël Vernet. Something to keep you happy! And as an added bonus, attend  meetings and signing with authors. They are organised throughout the year and especially for the Fête du Fromage in Banon


L’Esprit des Lieux in Saint-Léger du Ventoux

A 100% nature read

Feel  like having an unusual holiday in Provence? Add L’Esprit des Lieux in Saint-Léger du Ventoux to the list of stops on your trip. This bookshop set up in a forestry house opens its doors wide for an unusual experience. Here, reading and nature come together to offer you a moment out of time in the middle of the forest. Budding authors? L’Esprit des Lieux is also a publishing house which accompanies you in the development and publication of your work. And that isn’t all, make the most too of the eating area where you will be able to enjoy a local and organic cuisine in an enchanting decor. The bookshop is also the home of Les Carnets du Ventoux, a 100% local passionate independent magazine: a “must” for all those who love the Giant of Provence. 



La Soupe de l’Espace in Hyères

An intergalactic adventure through books

If you’re visiting Hyères, take a break at La Soupe de l’Espace. No, no, this isn’t a restaurant, it’s a bookshop! Nevertheless, its founders compare it to the recipe for a soup… But why a soup? Because it helps you to grow; just like books do! So, in the recipe, there are books, books and more books, with a pinch of madness, curiosity and creativity. Practically speaking, it’s actually a bookshop with lots of books for children and adults on its shelves and a shop. You’re sure to find something. Added bonus, it also organises exhibitions and signings, a great opportunity to share a special moment with authors.


Librairie Regain in Reillanne

Life arranges itself around words

A charming Provencal bookshop opens its doors to you in Reillanne: Librairie Regain. The great classics, poetry, music, ecology, philosophy or even for young readers are all subjects that are very well developed inside the covers of the books to be found in the shop. This rural bookshop in the countryside is focused on developing a close relationship with inhabitants and visitors. It also offers its services as a travelling musical bookshop; specialised in classical music. Something for a pleasant moment with the family or friends. And that’s not all! It organises writing lessons and workshops, initiation to typography for writers along with initiation to Latin and sign language. The book of the day? Marie Huot’s poetic work: Gît le cœur.


Librairie Maupetit in Marseille

Reading for all

Head for the biggest bookshop in Marseille since 1919 : Librairie Maupetit. This establishment is a reference in Provence. Kids and adults will find what they’re looking for in the numerous shelves. Let the dialogues from plays sweep you away, dream with children’s literature, plunge into the magnificent illustrations of comics and mangas. You can also take part in a writing workshop or a reading moment. Corinne, the reader, is always delighted to tell you beautiful stories! And if you’re looking for a new book we recommend the bookshop’s top 3: Le silence d’Isra by Etaf Rum, Plein gris by Marion Brunet and Drôle d’hiver by Lisa Moroni.



Le H Magique in Pernes-les-Fontaines

A good novel and tea with a slice of lemon

You’ve stopped off in Pernes-les-Fontaines? Find a moment to go to Le H Magique, a charming bookshop cum tea room.  This is a delicious literary trip in a unique place. The bookshop is ideal to sip a hot drink, a good fruit juice or a little sweet organic homemade something, while you devour a novel. From the reading point of view,  there are books for all ages. Le H Magique indicates the bookshop’s favourites in each subject to help you make your choice. And an added bonus, the terrace and the inner courtyard are just perfect to take a seat and read under the southern sun.