Top sports activities

in unusual places in Provence

Provence is always full of ideas for unusual activities for the whole family and invites you to come and play at being an adventurer and even a Robinson Crusoe… Rise to a new challenge, get an introduction to relaxation to learn how to keep calm and… be amazed by the hidden wonders of the South of France!

Open your chakras in the Vaucluse

Take a deep breath and enjoy incredible heritage sites. The Inspire Yoga association gives lessons in unusual places in the City of Avignon. Private gardens, museums, the heart of the town,… where will your well-being moment be in the City of the Popes? In a more athletic, competitive spirit, the Nocturne des Papes urban trail is an opportunity to discover the historic monuments of the city as you run, with a passage inside the Palais des Papes, on the Pont d’Avignon or in the gardens of the Rocher des Doms. Will you be the first to finish? Just remember that it’s a race! When you’re looking for somewhere cool, it’s great to take a ride in a canoe or on a paddle board on the Rhône. But if you’d rather get up high, you’ll love getting above the episcopal town on the Via Ferrata de Cavaillon.

Thrills for climbers and gymnasts in Marseille  

Does a Swedish gym class on the rooftop terrace of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille inspire you? On Saturday morning head for one hour of letting go at the top of the building built by Le Corbusier, which now has a magnificent art centre. Generally speaking, there’s a succession of exhibitions which attract great international artists, but in the mornings the décor changes. Time for an open-air class with music and a spectacular view over the Mediterranean city. Not afraid of heights? The rocks of the Calanques National Park have some magnificent ways to explore! Heaven for climbers, the cliffs invite you to climb with the greatest respect for the place and its exceptional natural biodiversity. Book your itinerary and climb following the Park rules. Les Goudes are much appreciated by those who love great ways while others will be happy to climb above Sormiou. But if you want to perfect your technique, head for Morgiou, and for historic, picturesque itineraries choose Luminy / Sugiton.

Try your hand at archery in the Var

Patrick Adloff, a master archer awaits you for a 12-person class in the Forteresse du Domaine du Dragon in Draguignan. On the programme: introduction to open-air archery, with advice from an expert to help you reach your target precisely. So what’s the secret? A blend of concentration, breathing, coordination, and balance. The activity is open to all from age 7 and with your tribe, you’ll spend a timeless moment in the castle which dates back to the 13th century. A real immersion in the medieval period, at a time when archery was used for hunting or as a weapon.

A magical interactive hike in the Alpes de Haute Provence

Set off on a 3-hour hike Isurrounded by gigantic rocks, through the limestone of Annot, starting in the charming village. Take the trail leading to the famous “Chambre du Roi” (King’s Chamber) and admire its exceptional view! And as continue via the gardens, you’ll go through a superb succession of rocks before walking along the edge of the cliffs towards the viewpoint overlooking the valley opposite the little village of Braux. You’ll enjoy the cool walk through the forest where you can hear the birds singing and see the sun’s rays filtering through the leaves of hundred-year-old oak and chestnut trees. Enter into a world which is amazing at any time of year and plunge into the legend of a king and a traitor whose ghosts wander on nights when the moon is full. Some of the narrower passages are great fun for the kids who just love playing in the rocks.

The Veni Vici in the Gard, 2,000 years of history at your feet

Toughen up your calves and limber up well so you can rise to the challenge of finishing first on a trail which follows the famous Roman aqueduct in the Gard: the Veni Vici is off. With your sneakers on your feet, in the autumn you’ll follow one of the most remarkable structures in the world, inherited from builders of ancient times: le Pont du Gard. From Uzès to Nîmes la Romaine, this sports challenge has 5 distances (69 km / 44 km / 24 km / 12 km / 13km). Choose what suits you best: running, timed Nordic walking and gourmet hike. They’ll take you back in time in the sweet-smelling garrigue. And also on the programme is a crossing of the charming villages of the Gard which are so well-preserved such as the town of Uzès. Come and be bewitched by Roman engineering genius right up to the bouquet final when you arrive in the majestic Jardins de la Fontaine in Nîmes.

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