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Top street food deals in Avignon

While you’re strolling along the Rhône river or across the famous Pont d’Avignon bridge, you might well come across some of the delicious food trucks criss-crossing the town – a whole world of street food-style culinary treats sure to brighten up your lunch on the hop, save you when the fridge is bare or simply satisfy your craving for something new!

Rendez-Vous Food Trucks in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon

Just take your pick!

The problem with family holidays is you can never agree on what to eat! No sweat: the Rendez-Vous Food Trucks in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon every Monday from 6 to 10 p.m. offers a choice of seven food trucks promising to satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. Their names alone conjure up images of gastronomy from distant climes: Burrito King, Les Saveurs du Wok, La Maison du Samboss, Thai Food Taiwan, Mistral Galette, Pizza Lola and La Casa del Papel… Whether you have a taste for Pad Thai, pizza or burgers, this is a definite Avignon hotspot for fervent foodies!

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Gaston Le Camion

Travelling cuisine

Looking for an unusual eatery in Avignon? We have just the thing! You’ll find the Gaston food truck both in and around Avignon – up to 50 km from the town in fact. We love its girly pink and white look, but don’t be fooled by appearances: Gaston is a genuine chameleon, catering for private and public events, rural picnics, country birthday parties, burger evenings, wedding brunches and festivals, with made-to-measure cuisine concocted with fresh local produce and served with a smile. And if you’ve ever had a glimpse of his colourful and beautifully-presented banquets, you’ll understand our enthusiasm! Moreover, Gaston Le Camion swept up the Food Truck Trophy at the Street Food International Festival (SFIF) in 2014. Congrats!

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Burrito King

A voyage of the senses…

Burrito King is the unrivalled king of spice! This Mexican food truck takes hungry punters on a voyage to the tasty world of Mexico, with a choice of chilli-packed delights (but you can opt out if you can’t take the heat!). There’s something here for every taste and every generation, plus you’ll be hard put to find a more affordable eatery in Avignon, with prices ranging from €3 for dishes to €10.50 for meals. Burrito King also offers catering for events such as birthdays and wedding brunches.

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So sweet!

Travelling ices and crepes

Dressed in red from head to foot, you’ll find the Tout en Douceurs food truck in and around Avignon, serving a mouth-watering selection of homemade, 100%-natural ice creams (pear, rhubarb, salted caramel, lemon & basil, to name but a few), plus organic crepes (brown sugar, chestnut spread, Nutella, etc.) and smoothies (exotic, red berry or gourmet). If you’re more of a savoury fan, opt for an equally-delicious buckwheat pancake. You’ll also find this coveted food truck at the local festivals, markets and fairs – but you’ll need to get in the queue!

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A boat truck on the Rhône

Let’s head out to discover the Vinotage wine barge in Avignon. Fervent oenologists, its owners love sharing their latest faves with fellow wine buffs. To get to this wine bar on water, the best option is to hop on your bike and park in front of the barge, or in the car park under Pont de l’Europe bridge. Simply settle down comfortably on the deck or in the comfy indoor lounge and take your pick from the menu: all the wines on offer are hand-picked and a third are organic. You can also opt for a meal at this delightful restaurant-come-wine bar serving a tempting choice of traditional local fare, food boards and platters (charcuterie, cheese, etc.). What’s more, all the vegetables are fresh and sourced directly from local producers.

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The Rolling Wines

Musical wine truck

Going out in Avignon? Thanks to The Rolling Wines, you don’t even have to pick a place anymore! A genuine travelling wine bar, this old Seventies Renault van (it used to be a fire truck before being bought up by a collector, then by manager Christophe Reboul who redesigned it for his business) is your best friend if you want to enjoy some wine tasting in Avignon. Christophe wears two hats: in addition to being a bona fide wine connoisseur, he’s a huge fan of rock music and a fervent guitar player – you’ll love listening to his playlists while you’re poring over the fabulous wine list. You’ll find The Rolling Wines in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon on Monday evenings, at Le Kabarouf in La Barthelasse in summer and every Saturday at La Ferme de la Reboule. Cheers!

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