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Pedal away on the Pont d'Avignon

The beautiful town of Avignon isn’t only known for the little song! Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, you can feel the warmth of the south in its little streets and visit its many monuments filled with history such as the Palais des Papes, the Pont d’Avignon and even the majestic ramparts which surround it. A town inhabited by the eras but which has taken a contemporary view to transport with great emphasis on cycling. Focus on a few ways of visiting Avignon by bike.

A ride around the ramparts of Avignon

Pedal through history

You’re wondering what to visit in Avignon? Head for the ramparts which encircle the town of Avignon, and dive into its past for a moment (or rather a ride). Among the best preserved in France, these ramparts were built in 14th century to show the town’s territory and protect the population. For a bike ride, just get on your bike for a family ride in total freedom, on the 4.3 km cycling itinerary which runs beside them. Most of the trip is green lane and the terrain is flat, so this is an easy ride even for children. Starting from the Porte de la République, the loop takes you round this monument which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage in just 45 minutes. You can even take the river shuttle at the dock for La Barthelasse island.

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A ride around La Barthelasse island

A country feeling right in the middle of Avignon

Need a breath of fresh air and a nature outing? The unusual visit of l’île de la Barthelasse in the middle of Avignon is well worth it. This river island is the biggest in Europe. Ride through farming land and forests on a 13-km easy, flat cycling itinerary, ideal for discovering Avignon by bike at your own pace, with your own bike or a biked rented from a professional. Starting from the Porte de l’Oulle, a large part of the trip is on shared on country lanes, and for the return trip, you can choose: ride over the big Edouard Daladier bridge or try a boat crossing of the Rhône! Have fun discovering the many animal species hiding there: birds, otters and even beavers, an endangered species which is gradually reappearing on the island and which gave it its nickname of Beaver island. You might also be lucky enough to see the mythical grey heron or the great cormorant.

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A little Vélopop ride?

A bike for you, everywhere, all the time

Want to take a bike ride to visit Avignon and the surrounding area now, immediately? No problem! There are more than 300 self-service bikes spread over the 30 stations installed in Avignon and the surrounding area. To make the most of them is really easy: just take a day formula from €1 or for a week from €5. For regulars, there is also an annual subscription of €15 /year. And to make its use even more simple, Vélopop is totally accessible via an application which simplifies all the operations. It’s the ideal solution for green travel, in total freedom as you want! So saddle up to get to your meeting place, admire the Palais des Papes, stop outside one of the pretty Avignon creators’ boutiques or for a drink on a terrace.

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Ride on professional bikes

South Spirit Bikes, to pamper you

You’re visiting Avignon and you want to discover the town and all it has to offer while you make the most of a ride in the open air? You’ve come to the right place. South Spirit Bikes[1] is a rental service for urban bikes for French and foreign visitors who don’t have their own bike. You’ll find bikes of all sorts, at low prices for all your needs: the vintage city bike for a touch of nostalgia and style, the hybrid bike for the more adventurous and even electric bikes for those who want to play it cool. The added extra: the South Spirit Bikes team will be delighted to direct you to the many circuits and rides around Avignon and take you on guided tours!

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Provence Bikes, something for everyone

For those who live in Avignon or passing tourists visiting Avignon, for all ages, Provence Bikes will give you a warm welcome. You’re sure to find a bike to suit you! The town bike is ideal for Mum, the racing bike for Dad (or the opposite!), a child’s mountain bike will be great for the youngest; there’s even a trailer for the dog and an electric bike for granny! You will also get good advice on choosing your bike and your itinerary to discover Provence by bike.

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