Novel arty experiences

Explore the Haute-Provence UNESCO Geopark – the kingdom of Land Art – thanks to an exciting new app, spend a night inside a work of art out in nature or try your hand at yoga or dance at a museum… Here are just a few ideas for enjoying a new angle on art!

Musée Gassendi

Explore the Haute-Provence UNESCO Geopark with the Ambulo app

Head out to explore the natural and artistic gems of the Haute-Provence UNESCO Geopark thanks to the Ambulo app – the “Traversée Artistique des Préalpes de Digne” (Digne Prealps Land Art Guide). The app features hikes on the contemporary art theme, together with interviews with artists, literary walks and family itineraries and is a genuine immersion in rural culture combining land art, nature and sport. Other highlights include the “Dalle aux ammonites” – a 320m2 stone slab featuring over 1,550 ammonites -, together with open-air works by Andy Goldsworthy, Joan Fontcuberta, Paul-Armand Gette and Herman de Vries. A fabulous stroll through the landscapes of Haute-Provence and wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the Earth’s creative energy, the Ambulo app is available free of charge for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, and was developed by the Musée Gassendi in conjunction with the CAIRN Arts Centre in Digne-les-Bains.

Sleep at Andy Goldsworthy’s “Art Refuges”

Let’s stay in Haute-Provence and continue our unforgettable voyage into art and nature with a 6-day/5-nights itinerary exploring Andy Goldsworthy’s “Art Refuges”. Spread over 150 km inside the Haute-Provence UNESCO Geopark, the “Art Refuges” are ancient, restored habitats where the artist has created in-situ sculptures. Thanks to the association L’Art en chemin, you can visit them and even sleep in them, in the company of a guide. In keeping with the spirit of each work, this is a back-to-nature experience and you won’t find running water, electricity or toilets at the refuges. The meals are prepared with organic local produce bought in bulk, without additional packaging. And to ensure you focus on the essential, you’ll set off with an ultralight backpack weighing around 5 kilos. Walk, admire and get back on top of the world

Yoga and dance at the museum

At the Collection Lambert

How about a relaxing yoga session with your gaze fixed on works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sol Lewitt and Daniel Buren? This novel experience, hosted by the Collection Lambert in Avignon, is the perfect way to achieve harmony of the body and mind… On one Sunday a month, the Inspire Yoga team invites you to enjoy a yoga class at 10 a.m., one hour before the museum opens to the public. And to ensure the inspiration fostered by this moment of joy and peace continues to flourish, the lessons take place in a different room of the museum every week.

At the Espace de l’Art Concret

Hop over to the Espace de l’Art Concret in Mouans-Sartoux where you can also opt for a one-hour yoga class in harmony with the surrounding works of art. Held outside museum opening hours by the association Sundari Yoga, the sessions cover three themes: “Zen, calm and peace”, “Colours, chakras and fire” and “Infinite circle of life”. The aim here is to let go completely and connect with the works of art. If you fancy something a little more dynamic, opt for a dance and music workshop courtesy of modern dance teacher Corinne Oberdorff and musician Davy Sur. The principle: a tour of the site while performing easy dance movements – a delightful experience combining art, relaxation and togetherness.