French Foreign Legion Museum in Aubagne

Located in Aubagne, the museum of the French Foreign Legion Museum has both a memorial and educational vocation. Discover a special place full of emotion.

French Foreign Legion

The French Foreign Legion, an elite corps of the French Army created in 1831, welcomes all men of valor, whatever their background and nationality. The Battle of Camarón, which pitted 62 legionnaires against 2,000 Mexican soldiers in 1863, has become a symbol of the courage of these soldiers who have been in almost every conflict since their creation. Indeed, the French Foreign Legion has distinguished itself, among others, during the Crimean War, the Mexican Expedition, the First World War, the Second World War, the Indochina War, the war in Afghanistan or more recently Operation Barkhane in Africa.

Museum in Aubagne

In 1962, the Command of the Foreign Legion (COMLE) was transferred to the town of Aubagne. COMLE is also home to the French Foreign Legion Museum, which helps visitors distinguish myth from reality. More than the institution itself, it is the men who came to commit themselves to France that arouse public interest. For nearly two centuries, cinema and literature have been a privileged source of inspiration and have contributed to forging the legend.

The French Foreign Legion Museum of Aubagne is a place of remembrance, intended to honor the memory of these thousands of anonymous heroes who died on distant battlefields. The objects on display have a soul; they are the depositaries of the great and small history of the Legion, between epic expeditions and the difficulties of everyday life.

The educational vocation is also very present. The French Foreign Legion Museum presents some of the traditions that forge the esprit de corps and cohesion of the young legionnaires. The collections also evoke this intangible heritage and contribute to the integration of new recruits, who can discover and integrate the exploits and sacrifices of their elders.

Exhibitions and activities

It was in the museum’s Hall of Honor that the legionnaire received his first contract. He visited the museum before joining his regiment. It is also here that he received his certificate of good conduct before he left the ranks of the French Foreign Legion.

The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. You can also discover the Monument aux Morts (Monument of the Dead) of the French Foreign Legion. Historians and enthusiasts can also consult the archives of the Historical Documentation Centre.

Practical information

  • The French Foreign Legion Museum of Aubagne is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Group visits are by appointment only.

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