A guide for unforgettable holiday memories

Some good reasons to use the service of a lecturer guide !


Time travelling

Whether being in a hidden lane or a corner of nature, visiting with a guide means travelling in time. A lecturer guide will tell you the history of these roman baths – now disappeared. He reveals a market of the Middle Ages or the walls of a fortress, he brings to life again the heroes of a battlefield… The professional guide always finds the clue which connects the past andthe present. He will pass on and be a link between the public and a work or the actors of the art-world.


Watch, Feel, Listen !

Trust the lecturer guide!  He will sharpen your eyes, he gives you the time to feel an atmosphere and to listen to the whisper of history. You will analyse a landscape, understand an architecture capture a detail that illuminates the whole. Choosing a professional guide it is choosing pleasure in knowledge, the precision in dialogue. the correctness of the shared analysis,

A lecturer guide knows how to adapt

You are with your friends, in a group or with your family? The guide gets adapted. Are you a well-informed amateur, an interested discoverer, an adult, a child, a person in a handycap situation? Here again the lecturer guide is trained to adept to your wishes, your constraints, purely and simply to YOU. He knows the rules that will allow you in any situation – even incongruous – to have a good time in complete safety and tranquility. A lecturer guide is known for his discreet flexibility.

Fascinating enthusiasts !

Attentive professionals, different to Audio-Guides and monotonous automation and superficial applications, the lecturer guide is passionately fondof sharing and the pleasure of giving you a good time. The guide is very interested, he likes to study and to discover and he’s trained throughout his career. He knows how to listen……and he responds to everyone. To call on a lecturer guide ensures visits and vacation memories !


Guiding is a profession

A guide has a good general knowledge, thorough knowledge of history, art history, etnography, economics, landscape-reading. Graduated and holder of a professional card, the lecturer guide is authorized to carry out guided tours throughout the national territory (mainland France) and in overseas departments and territories. The lecturer guide officiates in all cultural and tourist sites. Thanks to his professional card, he can take you to museums and historical monuments and places classified as “Art and History Towns”