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Artisan Tours in Provence‑Alpes‑Côte d’Azur: Ecology

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is a beautifully-preserved region, where environmental protection is a foremost priority. Welcome to our exciting eco-firm and artisan tours in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur!



Alcyon: compost it!

Located near Orange, the Centre de Valorisation Alcyon processes green and organic waste from local communities and the food sector, including plant waste from parks and gardens, catering and supermarket waste and water treatment station sludge… And turns it into compost! Their sustainable development policy also extends to wood: old wood pallets are ground up to make pellets and chips for fuel. After the visit – a deep dive into recycling and sorting techniques – you can admire their impressive loaders and grinders. You’ll never look at your rubbish bin the same way again!

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  • Alcyon, Bollène

EveRé: recycling forever

Every French inhabitant produces over a kilo of waste a day – and that’s not including professional waste, which is ten times higher! EveRé, a waste treatment centre located in Marseille, is a flagship eco-firm committed to recycling plastic, recyclable metals and organic waste. All retrieved organic waste is transformed into green energy and compost, while anything that misses their fine tooth comb is burnt to produce energy while polluting as little as possible. Every stage of the process is explained by a guide during the fascinating tour.

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Energy Production

Serre-Ponçon hydroelectric plant and dam

A unique tour of one of Europe’s largest dams (123 metres high and 600 metres wide), at the heart of a major EDF industrial site. Built from 1955 and operated from 1960, the Serre-Ponçon hydroelectric power plant and dam are situated at the confluence of the Ubaye and Durance rivers. Serre-Ponçon dam safeguards regional water management for the whole of Provence. This extraordinary construction, unique in France, was designed to capture and store water resources, produce renewable energy, fight against flooding of the Durance river and irrigate farmland. The tour includes the multimedia space, machinery room, outdoor footpath and stunning viewpoint spanning the lake.

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Bollène river hydroelectric plant

Inaugurated in 1952, the Bollène site features a hydroelectric power plant and lock and is now a listed monument. You’ll also find a wind turbine park there and two photovoltaic parks. Visitors learn all about how electricity is made and get up close and personal with the turbines and solar power station. On the programme: an outdoor walk with unique views over the canal, plus an indoor itinerary relating the history of the site and how hydraulic, solar and wind power is produced. The tour ends with time to lap up the impressive view spanning the machinery room – the beating heart of the plant.

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Martigues EDF thermal power plant

Located near Marseille, this power plant features two production units inaugurated just after 2010, both operating on natural gas. The Martigues plant is the most powerful and modern combined cycle power station in France. Simply speaking, the gas is burnt in the gas turbine, then the hot gasses are used to activate a steam turbine. Result: low carbon emission and high energy yield!

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Family Nature Tours

Domaine d’Aragon, life on the farm

This delightful domain is committed to raising awareness on the challenges of sustainable development and organic farming through farm tourism. Children are free to cuddle the farm’s dozen or so different breeds of donkey, Galloway cows and hens before enjoying a walk on the botanical footpath, while parents will appreciate the gorgeous views over the valley and ancient village of Entrepierres. Next stop is the donkey eco-museum: the farm’s donkeys produce organic fertilizer used to nourish the domain’s orchards. The tour winds up with a delicious farm produce tasting session. Fun and eco-friendly!

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Discovering spirulina

A health food par excellence

This precious blue algae, reputed for its wealth of nutritional properties – proteins, carotenoids, iron, etc. -, is grown at Clos Sainte-Aurore. A very effective health food, produced without impacting the environment, spirulina was first discovered by the Aztecs. If you want to get a close-up view of the development and transformation of these little, quasi-fluorescent spirals fed on sunshine alone, head to the Clos Sainte-Aurore pool and laboratory, where GMO-free spirulina is grown using artisan techniques, without preservatives or additives. A very on-trend tour – and even a little avant-garde!

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