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Artisan Tours in Provence‑Alpes‑Côte d’Azur: Savoury Specialities

Plunge into the world of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur’s tasty olive oils, Provencal preserves – including the mythical “Poutargue” dried fish eggs – and flavourful Alpine cheeses. Welcome to our exciting artisan tours in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur!


Olive Oil

The Green Gold of Provence

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is heir to a time-honoured olive growing tradition inherited from the Ancient Greeks, who planted the first olive trees here. Heralded throughout the globe, Provence’s olive oils are distinguished by AOC and grand cru appellations, and have literally nothing in common with the oils you’ll find at your local supermarket. Here, olive oil production is often a family affair. Visit the local workshops to find out how the presses and sandstone grinders of yesteryear have given way to modern methods, whereby the olives are crushed then placed in a centrifuge to extract their oil. And of course, your fascinating foray into the world of green gold winds up with a tasting session – the perfect way to appreciate the powerful flavour of Provence’s olive oils to the full.


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Delicatessen products

Preserves, pâtés, poutargue… and more

If you’re a fan of seafood preserves, head over to Saveurs des Calanques in Port de Bouc without delay. In addition to a laboratory, this artisan producer boasts an aging room for the illustrious local caviar known as “Poutargue” (dried, salted mullet eggs) – a speciality of the house. The gourmet adventure continues at the Epicerie de Provence in Signes, offering a range of teas, coffees, cocoa, salts and various fabulous, trend-inspired recipes concocted on site. Next stop: Au Bec Fin in Cogolin. A genuine institution heralded by all, this ancient cannery opened its doors over 30 years ago and continues to produce Provencal specialities using fresh ingredients in purest artisan tradition. Meat lovers will enjoy the Etablissements Richaud & Fils in Valensole, where you’ll find a succulent range of chicken and game pâtés redolent with Provencal flavours. You can also visit the laboratory where the meat is processed, chopped and mixed with herbs and spices. The last stop on your gourmet tour is Maison Telme in Forcalquier, specializing in terrines made with the finest meat cuts and local ingredients.


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A slice of the Southern Alps

Ready to savour the delicious cheeses of the Southern Alps? Let’s head to the Queyras area. First stop: La Fromagerie de la Durance, whose talented cheesemakers produce an extraordinary range of hard, pressed, soft and veined cheeses made with fragrant raw milk. What’s more, you can see the cows, goats and ewes grazing peacefully in the idyllic surrounding countryside… Opt for a guided tour to learn about every stage of the firm’s artisan production methods, from the animal to the aging cellar. The tour ends with a fun cheesemaking workshop or tasting session. Second on your list is the Fromagerie de Château Queyras, an association of ten dairy producers from the Hautes-Alpes, where you can admire the entire production process from curdling to moulding, pressing and salting… And as you’ll be feeling peckish by now, it’s time to taste!

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