Gift and souvenir ideas

With its unique artisan heritage and gourmet specialities, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has so much to offer you’ll be tempted  to take the entire region home in your bags! Whether original gifts or treats to share, discover our selection of must-have local goods.

Walk on the wild side with beers from La Sauvage

If you have plenty of character, a pure heart and a wild spirit, the Brasserie des Hautes Vallées, set at an altitude of 1,505 metres, brews a beer just like you! La Sauvage beers are made with pure spring water and 100% organic ingredients, nurtured by expert hands and bottled in the clouds… Visit France’s highest-altitude brewery and plunge into the wings of our local, authentic and flavourful artisan produce. The perfect conversation piece for drinks with friends – and you can even cook with it!

Brighten up your breakfast with Sarah’s jams 

An ode to the good old days, Sarah and Nicolas‘ orchard reflects their fervent love of fine produce grown in harmony with the seasons and short circuits favouring the local economy. Head to the Verger de Saint-Joseph in Vésubie throughout the year to tour their production site, where Sarah will be delighted to advise you on the best local walks and things to do and see, while treating you to a taste of her delicious fruity creations. On the menu: cordials, fruit jellies and – especially – jams to die for!


Spice up tea time with Mercantour biscuits 

How about a gourmet souvenir from the Alpes French South? Succumb to the biscuits Made in Mercantour! You can taste the artisan creations of good-humoured biscuit maker Jean-Christophe Fossey at the markets of Roquebillière and Saint Martin Vésubie. His secret? Family recipes, an absolute passion for his trade and a desire to accompany your every dessert! Available in assortments or singles, but always free of colours and preservatives, his “yellow fir trees” and “chamois tongues” are sure to tickle the tastebuds of all the family. Not forgetting the star of the show: his “spicy hailstones” (grêlons aux épices) – an unforgettable encounter between candied orange, almond and spices, baked to perfection…

Boost your health with David’s Sea Buckthorn

Packed with vitamin C, sea buckthorn berries are genuine bunches of sunshine. If you want to learn more, head to the town of Enchastrayas, where David Viveau has made sea buckthorn growing his speciality for the greatest pleasure of gourmets! Simply savour a jelly made with these famous berries at breakfast to light up your morning. Fancy a relaxing afternoon break? The “Thé noir d’argousier de l’Ubaye” sea buckthorn black tea promises warmth and comfort. A pure organic pleasure and very novel gift idea!

Make your day sweeter with Apiland honey 

Graced with pure air and magnificently-preserved natural scenery, the Hautes-Alpes area is a paradise for bees. If you want to learn everything there is to know about worker bees and the fruit of their labour, head to Apiland. Crowned with many national prizes, this agricultural museum is a must-do for inquisitive minds. Led by a passionate guide, you will learn about every stage of honey making from the hive to the pot. What could be sweeter?! And of course, you won’t be able to leave without a succulent souvenir. Whether your preference goes to heather, garrigue or rosemary, Apiland has a honey to steal your heart!

Live an eternal summer with Moulin de la Coquille olive oil

Olive oil  is one of the favourite traditional souvenirs of Provence simply because it embodies the spirit of the Région Sud! Its generous, fruity flavour plunges us back into Provence’s genteel lifestyle at every meal, while its inimitable bouquet is redolent with summertime pleasures. Set in the Alpilles mountains, Moulin de la Coquille produces the crème de la crème of olive oil, pressed within 48 hours of the olive harvest and crowned with an AOCVallée des Baux label. The perfect partner to every dish…

Team up with the Coopérative des Artisans du Queyras

“All for one and one for all” is the fitting motto of the Coopérative des Artisans du Queyras! Traditional know-how has become a genuine team effort in Château-Ville-Vieille, centered around the Maison de l’Artisanat (artisan centre). Take time to meet and chat with the men and women who carve, sculpt and forge raw nature to create products of unrivalled beauty. From confectionery to decorative items, scented oils and toys, the Maison de l’Artisanat is a positive paradise of gifts and souvenirs!

Warm your home with the Poterie du Soleil

La Poterie du Soleil in Villecroze is first and foremost a delightful story of a family passion handed down through the generations… Christian and Sébastien offer visitors a warm welcome to their studio set inside an ancient, 18th-century pottery factory. Immerse yourself in the spirit of this magical site and gaze in awe as ceramics, earthenware and stoneware take shape before your eyes, before being painted by the talented hand of Suzy. A fabulous choice of traditional, original, sober and colourful designs awaits you. More than just a souvenir, a genuine pottery class!

Make like a kid with berlingots from Carpentras

If you’re visiting Carpentras, you’re sure to leave with a bag full of sweet treats! Boiled sweets (locally known as “berlingots”) rule here and childhood memories abound at the Confiserie du Mont-Ventoux… Their little striped sweets are truly irresistible. Want to learn more? Enjoy a tour of the “berlingot” factory, where you will discover that this little delicacy is one of France’s oldest sweets. The perfect gift for family or friends – but of course you’ll have to try out all the flavours just to be sure…

Find the shoe that fits at L’Atelier Rondini

Located in Saint Tropez, L’Atelier Rondini and their leather sandals are a genuine institution, boasting no less than 90 years of know-how and passion at the service of the Mediterranean’s prettiest tanned feet! If you fancy treating family and friends, simply push open the doors to this delightful boutique and pick your favourite creations, aided and abetted by George’s warm welcome, Alison’s expert advice and the talented hands of Cristelle. But beware – everyone will want a pair!