Gamme Le Parfum Citoyen Adrien GautierGamme Le Parfum Citoyen Adrien Gautier
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Meet Adrien Gautier, the founder of Le Parfum Citoyen

He created his perfumery enterprise in Nice in 2017, with the idea of reviving a certain idea of Made in France. His creations have even charmed the influencer EnjoyPhoenix. What is his secret?

Le Parfum citoyen, a family story

My grandfather was a perfumer. I started work as a recruiter in Monaco and left it all in 2016 to launch into the entrepreneurial adventure. Those were my roots, as a child I was bathed in the world of perfume, but I nevertheless had to start out. Our concept is currently based on a central element: the “Olfactory portrait”. We have created a variety of portraits – working girl, geek chic… – and we invite our clients to identify with them. The fragrances vary and focus on these characters.

Perfumes made in France

I also had to make several commitments with this new company. We work in old-fashioned perfumery based on artisanal and local savoir-faire. From the creation of the perfume to the label on the bottle, I have chosen partners from the region who are also excellent in their specific fields. The “fragrances” are produced in Vallauris and the labels in Gémenos. This means that we can offer eco-responsible, high-quality perfumes at fair prices. For example, we work with a perfumer who has been established for four generations. My grandfather already worked with the previous generation!

Plants and perfumes from Provence, day-to-day inspiration

To create our perfumes, we get our supplies from Grasse. We base our work on natural and synthetic components to create a fair balance but always in a traditional approach. The region is indeed rich in scents. Lavender is a smell I’m very much used to. Rosemary and thyme are scents we grow up with. From cookery to perfumery, it’s only a short step, and that was how we created a perfume containing rosemary.

EnjoyPhoenix, a successful collaboration

I contacted EnjoyPhoenix a few months ago to present our products. She has brought about a certain change in the world of influence by supporting a Made in France and more ethical consumption. We share these sustainable values and were inspired by them to create the perfume LÙA – LPC x ENJOYPHOENIX. The perfume is hand-made, the design minimalist, the box is made of 100% recycled paper and it’s a vegan perfume. This collaboration has allowed us to make our savoir-faire known to young people and to make them aware of a less consumerist approach. I’m really proud of this.

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Adrien Gauthier

Adrien Gaultier, founder of Parfum Citoyen

Adrien Gaultier, the grandson of a Master Perfumer, has founded the first ethical and social Perfumery House. Products made in France at a fair price in short supply circuits.