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We can't resist eco-responsible fashion

Shopping is good for the morale. And when, on top of that, you choose items which are good for the planet, there’s absolutely no reason you should go without them. Committed and inspired, many creators in the South of France share a vision of eco-responsible fashion in a collection of increasingly trendy products.

From sea to land, recycled deco and sneakers

Go for ethical but stylish consumption with sneakers by Corail. Born in Provence, these 100% recycled and natural sneakers are just great for the eco-friendly. You can be proud of wearing soles and fabric made from recycled plastic bottles “harvested” in the sea in Marseille, by a group of French fishermen. The sneakers are hand-made in a workshop in the town of Porto. And we’re still on the same theme with Les Toiles du Large, a workshop where former boat sails are recycled. There are lots of things: bags, notebooks, key-rings and even cushions, just take your pick! Here, 95% of each sail is recycled and you can even have the top you want made to measure and protect the planet.


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Dressing differently thanks to French craftsmanship

Feel like launching into the adventure of eco-responsible fashion? Head for the workshop of La Fée Capeline in the Roya valley. You’ll be amazed by this temple to headwear made from felted wool. This eco-responsible company is working on the valorisation of the wool from Brigasques ewes in the Vallée des Merveilles, which had been considered as waste before. The company is a member of the “A.T.E.L.I.E.R Laines d’Europe” network. There’s a different atmosphere in L’Atelier Hemera, founded by a family resolutely in love with Provence and located in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume. This range of textiles made from 100% organic natural fibres from eco-responsible trade is a real must. There’s something for all ages!

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed with upcycling

Discover the art of recycling with Mathilde Godart, founder of La Maison Pépite. In this workshop in Marseille, you can find all sorts of eco-designed accessories in upcycling), a technique where they collect fabrics from big hotels. There are headbands, and waterproof pouches for your wet swimsuit… What are you going to indulge yourselves with? In the top brands of recycled clothes, Anima Mea is a real must. This creator from L’Isle sur la Sorgue dreams up and makes clothes from house linen collected from the local recycling centre. Their feminine, fluid range at affordable prices will make a lot of women happy.