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Marseille and its out‑of‑the‑ordinary restaurants

There’s no lack of good addresses for a super meal in the Mediterrean city, and some of them are a blend of originality and culinary art. When lunch breaks or dinners become an out-of-the-ordinary adventure: get your fill of sights and tastes!

Beaux Mets: from prison to cuisine

This summer in Marseille, the prison of Les Baumettes will open Beaux Mets, the first semi-gourmet restaurant in France, in a prison environment. After a short course catering, a brigade of 13 prisoners looks after the kitchen and serves patrons in a restaurant. Gourmet cuisine is here part of a sustainable socioprofessional integration project. With a mixture of different types of clients, you are invited to book your table and respect the rules: present your identity papers, your criminal record is checked… Accompanied by the “Structure d’accompagnement vers la sortie” (SAS) of the Baumettes and in partnership with the association Départ, the project also aims at changing the general public’s opinion of the current prison world.

Le Présage: solar in Château-Gombert!

Good news: the terrace of Le Présage has definitely put down its roots in the Technopôle de Château-Gombert, among the wild plants! You’ll soon understand that the sun, cooking and local seasonal products are Le Présage’s DNA. In 2023, and on the same piece of land, a big  restaurant operating on 100% solar energy will be opening in the canopy, vegetable gardens and landscaped valley. Will you be ready to plunge into the experience of a delicious future, where progress in environmental awareness rhymes with gourmet food ? And while you wait for this novel solar restaurant to open and the installation of the guinguette in the bioclimatic building, a delicious and eco-responsible appetizer awaits you there. So, it really will be only the best!

Le Picnic : from compost to your plate

With 1000 clients a week, Anthony Lefièvre doesn’t want to throw away the peelings from the meals he prepares. So, every evening, he brings back several bins of peelings from his restaurant Le Picnic and the next-door café to make compost. An anti-waste routine which benefits the taste and quality of his products, since Anthony grows the vegetables and fruit he serves his clients in his garden. And his faithful patrons know it well, Monday is vegetarian and Friday aïoli! His motto: delighting tastebuds as much as limiting carbon footprint. An ardent defender of Mother Nature or a future ecologist, we’ve found THE not to miss Marseille spot..



Le République : all lodged with the same plate

Same menu, same service but the bill at 1 euro for down and out clients. Sébastien Richard wants to prove that in his restaurant, everybody can have a Chef’s meal. Le Republique, the first gourmet solidarity restaurant in France has opened its doors on the edge of Marseille, in the 2nd arrondissement, place Sadi-Carnot. Quite a challenge. “A pretty place, that’s possible, good cooking, that’s relatively possible, well served is also possible, so mixing classes is currently the restaurant’s challenge”, says the starred chef. Supported thbye the association La Petite Lili, of which the chef is chairman, the project intends to get people t gether in the same place at the same time, without making any difference.

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