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Alexis Bertucat's Provence

Alexis Bertucat is proud of his home, Provence, and also a real gourmet. He has managed to find a perfect balance at Territoire en Provence. In charge of tourism, communication and CSR, he works in close contact with a region dear to him, enhancing and respecting the most beautiful things the land has to offer. Alexis is close to the land and loves to roam the beautiful roads of Provence from Forcalquier to Banon and even Aix-en-Provence!

Confiserie du Roy René, Territoire de Provence, Pistache en Provence… How did you fall in love with Provence?

I was born in Provence and I’ve always been strongly attached to the territory. The terroir of Provence and its deeply-rooted traditions are powerfully attractive. To work for the group Territoire en Provence group means bringing out the best in what Provence has to offer. It’s also a strong idea of sharing as the group is at the heart of this beautiful entrepreneurial story which is the link between a territory and the people who live there. What I like about my job is paying attention to what the land gives us. My conviction? We must observe our environment, magnify its wealth and transform its resources to offer a noble product with a story. The link I maintain with the Provencal land grows every day thanks to this relationship based on proximity and respect that I have of Provence.

Confectionery and you go back a long way, don’t they? Tell us about it.

It’s more than just confectionery, it’s gastronomy! The story begins with a simple question: how can local products be enhanced? The Territoire en Provence group has several maisons which each focus on the naturality of the product and its history: La Biscuiterie de Forcalquier; Maison Brémond 1830, a network of Provencal delicatessen shops, with their headquarters in Peyruis; La Confiserie-Chocolaterie Leblanc in Banon, La Confiserie du Roy René in Aix-en-Provence soon a Caramelerie in Mane! I love Provence, its resources and its traditions. I believe in sharing and what could be better than gastronomy for creating pleasant moments? Delicacies, whether sweet or savoury, always find a place on Provençal tables. Take Christmas, for example, the tradition of the 13 desserts every year is a blend of sharing and pure greed! What is so beautiful about these products is their rarity, their sophistication and the pleasure we take in eating them. Working with these confectionery products in this way is also the opportunity to educate our children’ taste buds, for a more mindful consumption: less but better!

And what source of inspiration does our beautiful region provide in your everyday life and your projects?

The person who springs to mind is Olivier Baussan who uses the inspiration of everyday life in Provence to create a new project. The remarkable entrepreneur and founder of l’Occitane en Provence currently heads several companies and societies such as Territoire de Provence and Pistache en Provence. Despite a strong entrepreneurial character, he has never disconnected from this territory he treasures. He finds happiness in the simple moments that he chooses to live around Forcalquier, not far from the historical, botanical and living heritage that surrounds him. A lover of the territory, he loves to tell the story of this land bathed in light through his exceptional products. We’re lucky to have everything within reach in Provence, so it’s up to us to tell you the story through our recipes and sophisticated packaging!

Your top 3 most beautiful spots in Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur?

The Haute Ubaye in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and particularly the Refuge de Chambeyron. This is my favourite spot perched high up in a valley. You go through the little village of Fouillouse, and then climb up on foot or on a donkey to admire an incredible view. And when you reach your destination, you can even bivouac near the Lac des 9 couleurs, it’s pure magic!

The calanques in La Ciotat: Figuerolles and Mugel. Perfect for a child of the Basses Alpes like me – in just one hour I can be in the water with my kids. And after a swim, a wander through the colourful streets, great in summer!

The village of Banon, in Haute Provence, where I love to recharge my batteries. There’s a great village life and you mustn’t miss the famous Le Bleuet bookshop. My advice is to go up onto the Plateau du Contadour to get a plunging view of the area where everything is quiet and peaceful. And you can see the chestnut tres planted by Act for Planet, a practical action for the climate and biodiversity in Provence!

And if you had to summarize the Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur region in one word?

“Esseptionnelle” as Maurice Chaspoul would say, the chairman of the Association Mémoire Vivante de Valensole. With emphasis on the “s”!