Molines ski resort:

ski and mountains in Queyras

Welcome to the village resort of Molines-en-Queyras in the North of the Hautes-Alpes, set within easy reach of the Italian border, in Europe’s highest Regional Nature Reserve. The local landscapes are simply breathtaking in winter and summer alike, with the ski domain offering a 360° spectacle against the backdrop of Monte Viso, soaring to over 3,000 metres. At the top of the slopes, as the adrenalin rises before a thrilling descent, the sheer vastness of the white mantle is humbling.

High altitude skiing and winter sports: winter at Molines

Perched at an altitude of 1,735 metres, Molines ski resort usually offers good snowfall throughout winter. Linked to the resort of Saint-Véran, Europe’s highest town, the ski domain rises to 2,900 metres and offers a 1,100-metre incline complete with panoramic vistas over the summits. Featuring a total of 34 slopes, the Molines-St-Véran domain has something for every level: 7 green slopes, 12 blue, 12 red and 2 black. As you wind your way through silent larch forests, the dazzling blue skies offer a stark contrast to this white paradise. Make your mark on the virgin snow, where only rabbits and birds have dared to venture before you… Simply exhilarating! The Nordic domain is criss-crossed with trails leading to mountain refuges, where you can enjoy a welcome meal after a long day on skis. And of course, all the family will love trying their hand at snowshoeing and dog sledding… To find out more, check out the trail map and prices, then book your stay online.

Molines in summer: the joy of the mountains

Summer at Molines is a delight for sports, outdoor and nature fans. Push back your limits as you challenge yourself to the 3,200-metre Pain de Sucre, or opt for a family outing to explore the summits of Queyras, promising mesmerizing views over both the Northern and Southern Alps. Alternatively, enjoy a sunny walk in the meadows and cross refreshing forests dotted with log cabins before heading up to the heights, where orientation tables help you name the surroundings peaks. But Molines is also (and especially) an acclaimed cycling destination: cyclists come here to get in shape on Col Agnel and take part in transborder competitions with their fervent Italian peers. The resort also offers plenty of family fun, with a treetop adventure course, bike park, summer toboggan run and fitness course… You’ll definitely stay on form here!

Getting to know Molines

Like all of Aigues valley, Molines is reputed for its traditional houses called “fustes”. Built with logs and trunks, they blend in perfectly with the mountain decor. The village frontages also sport many ancient sundials. On the way into the village, you’ll come across Eglise Saint-Romain and its impressive 10-metre belltower. Various chapels and churches are dotted around Molines and on August 6th every year, Chapelle Saint-Simon is converted into a place of pilgrimage for the faithful. Don’t leave without sampling the local “tourtons”: a speciality of Queyras, these fritters stuffed with potato or other goodies are the pride and joy of local gastronomy. And of course, whether you’re a fan of history, fine arts or natural sciences, the priceless heritage of the Hautes-Alpes promises to quench your thirst for new discoveries with museums for every taste.

Prepping your holiday at the Molines ski resort

Prep your holiday at Molines-en-Queyras by contacting the Molines Tourist Office on +33(0)4 92 45 83 22, or pop over to the office in Le Bourg, where you’ll find a host a useful information.

Shops & Restaurants

Our mountain restaurants paying tribute to local gastronomy are a genuine treat for the tastebuds: don’t miss the must-have “tourtons” stuffed with potato, fresh ewe’s cheese and baby onions… You’ll also find a variety of shops on site including a supermarket, boulangerie and pharmacy. Last but not least, head over to Molinesmarket every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. to meet with the local producers.


Four hotels welcome visitors to Molines in winter and summer: La Maison de Gaudissard perched at 1,820 m complete with Finnish spa, the chic, four-star Hôtel Spa l’Equipe, La Lobio and Le Chamois. You can also book a holiday rental, country cottage or B&B. And if you want to get really up close and personal with nature on your next holiday, Camping de Chanterane is open from June to September!

Weather & Snowfall

Check the forecast every morning before you set out to make the most of your stay. Weather conditions and snowfall are available in real time thanks to the online weather reports and webcams: