Vue Village de Saint-Veran dans les Alpes
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Saint-Véran ski resort: skiing and mountain recreation in Queyras

The reputed home of one of Europe’s most stunning night skies, Saint-Véran is a village with its head in the stars, adding a cosmic dimension to your snow and nature holiday in the Hautes-Alpes. But Saint-Véran isn’t just Europe’s highest village, it’s also part of the “France’s Most Beautiful Villages” club. In short, a mountain escape with a 100% charming decor that promises to make you starry-eyed…

Snowy sensations: long live winter in Saint-Véran

Perched at 2,040 metres in Queyras Regional Nature Reserve, Saint-Véran attracts many seasoned skiers hungry for wide-open spaces. The Molines-Saint-Véran downhill ski resort is the largest in Queyras, with 30 pistes – 6 green, 9 blue, 12 red and 1 black – spanning 36 km and an incline of around 1,000 metres. Alternating steep slopes, valleys and flats, novice and pro winter sports aficionados alike are guaranteed to find the terrain of their dreams here. A friendly, family-style village resort, Saint-Véran also boasts a 21 km cross-country domain in Vallée des Aigues, with 6 trails for all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or prefer a more laid-back style, you’ll love following the layouts running past the Aigue Blanchetorrents surrounded by snowy mountainscapes and jutting summits as far as the eye can see. Whatever your pick – downhill skiing, cross-country or snowshoeing -, Saint-Véran promises a gentle and beautiful spectacle to remember. To find out more, check out the trail map and prices, then book your stay online.



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Saint-Véran in summer: mountain fun galore

Thanks to its exceptionally clear skies, Saint-Véran attracts many summer visitors keen to spend a night with their head in the stars. Teetering at an altitude of 3,000 metres, the Pic de Château Renard observatory watches over the mountains and takes you a little nearer to heaven with the keys to the Milky Way… By day or by night, Saint-Véran is also the perfect place to recharge your batteries with a hike or mountain bike ride wrapped in the silent embrace of the mountains – a genuine breath of fresh air topped with a taste of Italy as your path rubs shoulder with the border near Tête d’Estoilies and Pic de Caramantran. And if you want to ensure your forays with tiny tots are a success, head out in the company of a pack donkey: a cute companion that will ease your load so you can enjoy the natural treasuresof Queyras to the full.

Saint-Véran, charm in every season

An emblem of Queyras, Saint-Véran harbours a rich and well-preserved history, which probably began with the development of a copper mine… Its traditional houses called “fustes” built with logs and trunks, mission crosses, stone ovens and wooden fountains dotted throughout the village stand witness to an architectural legacy upheld with pride by the local inhabitants. The village’s acclaimed blue skies also herald the presence of many sundials you can see adorning the house frontages. Although it’s a coveted ski resort, Saint-Véran has maintained its rural character, with a thriving agricultural and pastoral industry and numerous artisans specializing in woodwork, knives and lace… Head over to Musée le Soum retracing village life and traditions in bygone days. Last but not least, foodies will adore sampling the local “tourton” fritters stuffed with cheese, potato or even sweet delicacies. Whether you’re a fan of history, fine arts or natural sciences, the Hautes-Alpes is a priceless hub of culture and heritage, also offering museums for every taste.

Prepping your holiday at the Saint-Véran ski resort

Prep your holiday at Saint-Véran by contacting the Tourist Office on +33(0)4 92 45 82 21, or browse the Queyras websitewhere you’ll find plenty of info including maps, activities, entertainment, etc.

Shops & Restaurants

Nestling on the top floor of Hôtel Alta Peyra, the restaurant Le Roc Alto serves gastronomic land & sea cuisine made with fresh local produce. What’s more, the contemporary decor with sweeping views over the mountains is simply magical!
You’ll also find a variety of shops on site, including a supermarket, boulangerie and pharmacy.


You’ll find four hotels open all year round in Saint-Véran: La Baita du Loup, Les Chalets du Villard, Le Grand Tétras and Hôtel Spa l’Alta Peyra. You can also book a holiday rental, country cottage or B&B.

Weather & Snowfall

We recommend checking the forecast every morning before you set out to make the most of your stay. Weather conditions and snowfall are available in real time thanks to the online weather reports and webcams: