Station de ski Puy-Saint-Vincent dans les Alpes du Sud

Puy Saint Vincent ski resort

The ski resort of Puy Saint Vincent is located in the town of Puy Saint Vincent, in the Hautes Alpes department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The atmosphere in Puy Saint Vincent is friendly and authentic and attracts many families. In summer and in winter, many activities are available there such as skiing, sledding, hiking, mountain biking… Located at the gates of the Écrins National Park, from Puy Saint Vincent you will get a breathtaking view of the glaciers, the high peaks of the Barre des Écrins, located at 4,102 meters of altitude, and the high peaks of the Pelvoux, located at 3 986 meters of altitude.

Skiing and other winter sports in Puy Saint Vincent

There are three levels of altitude in the Puy Saint Vincent ski resort: 1,400 meters, 1,600 meters and 1,800 meters. This specificity makes it possible for skiers to enjoy slopes that are protected from the wind, in the heart of the Écrins massif. The ski area welcomes all the winter sports enthusiasts, whatever their level is. Nearly 75 kilometers of marked green, blue, red and black slopes winding down the mountain are accessible by ski lifts. The most experienced skiers can go skiing at night on the lit-up slopes. You can also go snowboardcrossing and snowboarding in the snowpark. Beginners can take lessons at the French Ski School (ESF). If you are on vacation with children, you can take them sledding to the playgrounds or to the snow gardens so they can take their first steps on the snow.

The resort of Puy Saint Vincent is also a great place for people who are not planning to go skiing. The Nordic area is vast and there are many secure itineraries to go ski touring whatever your level. It’s a very nice way to admire the landscape.

Summer outdoor in Puy Saint Vincent

In summer in Le Puy Saint Vincent, discover the vast natural reserve at the entrance of the Écrins National Park. There are a lot of hiking trails there that will take you to glaciers and rivers. Discover the wonders of the region such as the Pré de Mme Carle (Mrs Carle’s meadow), the Glacier Blanc (the White glacier)… The landscape is breathtaking! Sports enthusiasts can go on a trail on the different hiking trails that cross the mountains. Hike up the magnificent itineraries in the surroundings of Puy Saint Vincent. The Pays des Ecrins offers an enchanting setting for a summer mountain vacation.

In summer, you can also practice other outdoor activities in Puy Saint Vincent such as mountain biking. From the chairlift of Les Prés, located at an altitude of 1,400 meters, enjoy the Bike Park and its different biking trails. During summer school holidays, you can also try the Puy Saint Vincent summer sled. From the resort, located at 1,600 meters of altitude, take the Escapade chairlift to get to the starting point of the run. Thrills are guaranteed!

Discover the gems of Puy Saint Vincent all year round

Puy Saint Vincent is made of three hamlets:

  • Le Puy
  • Les Alberts
  • Les Prés

It is the only town in the valley that is not located at the bottom of the valley but on a plateau at about 1,400 meters of altitude. During your stay, you will be able to discover the historical and architectural heritage of these hamlets such as their fountains and chapels.

You can walk to the hamlet of Narreyroux from the the Puy Saint Vincent resort. Don’t miss the Narreyroux waterfall. Whatever the season, visit the preserved and typical hamlets in the area, such as the hamlet of Tournoux.

Plan your holidays in the Puy Saint Vincent resort

Plan your stay in Puy Saint Vincent by going to the Hautes Alpes Tourist Office located at the reception of Puy Saint Vincent 1400 or call them at (+33)4 92 23 35 80. For more information about the activities, transportation, etc., visit their website:

Shops and restaurants

In Puy Saint Vincent, there are several restaurants, mountain restaurants and snacks. For your convenience, there are also many shops in the resort: grocery stores, bakery, sports stores…


If you decide to stay in the Puy Saint Vincent resort for a night or a week, you can stay at an hotel, a halt, a tourist residence or rent a furnished flat or an individual chalet. You can get the list of accommodations at the Tourist Office.

Weather and snow cover

Plan your vacation in advance by checking the weather forecast:

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