Tourism in La Môle

The villages of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur offer you a return to your roots. This is the case of La Môle, a picturesque village in the Var. This authentic village can be discovered along the streets.

By taking the secondary roads that lead to the village of La Môle, you will be able to revitalize yourself in complete serenity, a thousand miles from the hectic pace of everyday life.

In La Môle, nature is never far away. Get out your mountain bike or your bicycle, take your hiking boots and walk along the sunny roads and paths of Provence. You can also try your hand at many other activities in the Var department. Have you ever done any climbing, for example? Would you like to try tree climbing?

Do you know the small spelt, this ancestral cereal that is grown in Haute-Provence? Have you ever tasted apples from the Southern French Alps or honey from the Southern French Alps? From the Mediterranean coast to the mountain pastures of the alpine valleys, the attractiveness of southeastern France is also based on its rich gastronomy. Visit local producers and farmers directly and share the unique atmosphere of the regional markets.

The historical and cultural heritage of the region conceals remarkable treasures that are little-known: Romanesque churches, calvaries, houses of character, manor houses, castles… Prepare your stay in this particularly pleasant region by contacting the Tourist Office. Are you looking for accommodation in La Môle or in the vicinity of La Môle? You wish to stay in La Môle ? Organise your stay by booking accommodation that suits you.

Museums in the Var department

During your stay, also push open the doors of the museums of the department of the Var. Dozens of museums await you, including the Maison monsoise in Mons, the museum of the square tower in Sainte-Maxime, the museum of wines and spirits in Bandol, the museum Autour des sens in Bargemon, the historical museum of the centre-Var au Luc, the Simon Segal museum in Aups, the museum of vine growers’ automatons in La Londe-Les-Maures…