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Marketing Strategy

Part of the Plan de Croissance de l’Economie Touristique (Tourism Economy Development Plan), the Regional Tourist Board strategy focuses strongly on its 3 international destinations and their associated brands: “Provence, Enjoy the Unexpected”, “Alpes French South” and “Côte d’Azur France”. Our strategy targets 3 main objectives and takes into account evolving consumer preferences and intense competition from other travel destinations.

Objective 1 > Give our destinations international visibility

First and foremost, our desti­nations must be well-known and considered as “the stuff dreams are made of”. Future customers must be keen to add them to their “bucket list” and plan their stay. We have pinpointed 3 priorities:

  • Focus our means on higher-potential markets (in terms of value and volume) in conjunction with our partners and prepare the future by continuing to monitor and canvas so-called secondary or emerging markets, in particular outside Europe.
  • Consolidate our observation model in order to stay up to speed with structural and economic evolutions, hence allowing us to adapt our mes­sages and campaigns rapidly and benefit the regional economy.
  • Pinpoint the assets that differentiate our destinations and promote this awaited information to our customers in a shared and collective manner that reflects our values.

Objective 2 > Promote competitive destinations

Once the selection process is complete, our destination brand names must be chosen and preferred. This stage is conducted in close collaboration with travel professionals in order to:

  • Coordinate our promotion campaigns jointly with travel professionals (hoteliers, incoming agencies, etc.) so that highlighted products can be marketed straight away through special offers, in particular for shoulder seasons.
  • Support improved accessi­bility (easy routing and competitive rates) in conjunction with regional airports and various travel means (air, rail, coach).
  • Improve understanding and consumption of our destinations by investing in increased digital presence (new digital ecosystem inspiration engine, APIDAE (tourist information network), etc.).

Objective 3 > Create customer relationships (2018/2020)

During and after their stay, our customers must become our top ambassadors, assisting our promotion efforts and inspiring other future customers. This stage is built in conjunction with partners that are in contact with tourists during their stay. 3 areas of work have been identified:

  • Build a global strategy for A to Z customer data acquisition.
  • Deploy our new customer file-sharing process (shared CRM) in respect of GDPR rules.
  • Launch destination storytelling, fed with offers from travel professionals and partners.