Top eco-responsible clothes shops

in Provence

The Provencal shopkeepers and creators have more than one turn up their sleeves to make new 100% ecological and sustainable items the houses and dressing-rooms of fashionistas. Follow the eco-responsible lifestyle trend by reconciling style and protecting the planet!

Your feet get a makeover at La Botte Gardiane

In the hinterland of Aigues-Vives in the Gard, La Botte Gardiane has been designing and making shoes and leather items since 1958. There are more than 220 models of boots, ankle boots, sandals and shoes and a personalization and turnkey service. Labelled an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, La Botte Gardiane uses tanners who are mostly in France. Choose from a palette of 110 colours and textures of exceptional leather, the one that suits you best and the type of soles you want. You can even mix the colours or adapt the shoe to the shape of your feet. The shop is one of the rare French companies which still makes everything in its workshop and does not use subcontractors. From the ecological point of view, total transparency about the origin of the products, the leather remnants are reused as soon as possible, or sold to private people or leather artisans. Lastly, more than 20% of the production is 100% vegetable-tanned leather, non-polluting and guaranteed without chrome.

The haunt of French brands with By LMS

Head for Rue des Arts in Toulon for your made in France shopping! The By LMS shop showcases several respectful and committed stylish French brands. Rooted in the slow fashion movement, you’ll find exclusively in the shop eco-friendly clothes and underwear and made in France. Unusual accessories signed Coucou Suzette, unpaired socks by La Vache qui Rit ® x Label Chaussettes, pullovers by Royal Mer x Berthe aux Grands Pieds ®, here they know all about originality! From Toulon, the creator also launched her own brand by LMS ®. A line of men’s, women’s clothes, children’s inorganic cotton reputed friendly for your skin, people and the planet. The name of the brand By LMS is made up of the first letters of the first names of the creator’s three daughters – Léa, Manon, Sarah-Lou – so sweet! It’s also a reference to sizes, clever!

Zero waste sneakers signed Corail

Corail is the ambitious and irreproachable online brand that creates shoes and bags from plastic harvested in the Mediterranean – the end of fast fashion! They give an extra revenue to Marseille fishermen, who collect the waste in the sea and more precisely plastic waste and give it to the brand. Once the plastic has been recycled, it’s washed, sorted and crushed to be made into thread to produce a 100% recycled fabric. To give you an idea, each pair of Corail shoes contains the equivalent of 8 plastic bottles and each bag contains 20 plastic bottles. If your pair of Corail shoes is ready to give up the ghost, you can 100% recycle it and give it a new life. The shoes are hand made in a crafts workshop in Portugal. And of course the manufacture totally boycotts animal materials. The PETA-approved brand is a reference!

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Hand sewn creations by Les Artisanes du midi

The Artisanes du Midi’s Etincelles shop has unique creations, made by hand and sustainable. Difficult to resist when it’s sewn by hand? Come and see them in the Luberon, in Forcalquier in the Alpes de Haute Provence. This group is made up of 15 passionate craftswomen all from the Pays de Forcalquier Montagne de Lure, welcomes you in a warm atmosphere. If you don’t yet know what you’re looking for, there’s a wide choice here! Unique items only for all the family and the house:  jewellery, textile accessories and for babies, deco, spinning tops, bags, fashion, stoles, lamps, etc. And also products for well-being and foods:  cosmetics, herbal teas, honey, etc. And of course, the leather items and decoration designed from remnants of French industrial fabrics or industrial waste.

A seasonal and ecological baby’s wardrobe by Epiko

Babies also have their ecological wardrobe! Epiko, geared for babies, offers an online organic cotton wardrobe certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Much more ecological than a classical one, it uses less water than ordinary cotton to produce. On top of this, it’s the ideal cotton for your babies’ sensitive skin because it is produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The brand in Vaison-la-Romaine in the Vaucluse makes clothes from beautiful fabrics in its workshop. A local production made by Epiko which privileges local providers and European suppliers. All the seasonal collections are hand-made and the Capsule collection is made in a little workshop in Portugal. The brand has a « zero waste » policy and to meet the demands, it reuses remnants to create some cute little accessories, thanks to partnerships with young creators.

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