The Vaucluse department located between the Rhone Valley, the Comtat Venaissin and the Luberon, has a remarkable heritage and a particularly rich history. During your stay, you will be able to visit museums of great diversity and admire collections devoted to fine arts, history, natural sciences or local heritage.

Petit Palais

The Petit Palais is nestled in the former palace of the archbishops, which gave it its name to the museum. It houses collections of valuable paintings and sculptures from Italy and Avignon, as well as true masterpieces such as Madonna and Child by Sandro Botticelli. Temporary exhibitions shed additional light on artistic trends or remarkable works. This museum managed by La Fondation Calvet, an art foundation, attracts many visitors every year

Petit Palais Museum in Avignon

Calvet Museum

The Calvet Museum, managed by the foundation of the same name, presents collections of great diversity and inestimable value: French, Italian, Spanish and Northern European paintings and sculptures, decorative art, objets d’art, ancient and Egyptian archeology… From Europe to Asia and to the Islamic lands, from Antiquity to the Renaissance, it is a true initiatory journey that awaits visitors.

Calvet Museum in Avignon

Museums and heritage

The Vaucluse department, from the Luberon to the Comtat Venaissin, offers many ideas for cultural getaways to discover the local heritage. For example, discover the Cardboard and Printing Museum in Valréas, in the Enclave des Papes, the Basketry Museum in Cadenet or the Lavender Museum in Cabrières d’Avignon. During your stay in the Vaucluse department, you can also discover the unsuspected wealth of agricultural, craft and industrial know-how.

Museums in southeastern France :