Museums in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Visit the most beautiful museums in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department! Whether you like History or fine arts, whether you are interested in natural sciences or heritage, whether you are a couple, with friends or family, during your stay in Haute-Provence, you will inevitably find museums to visit in the themes of your choice.

Museum of Prehistory in Quinson

The Verdon region has been occupied by man for 400,000 years, and successive excavation campaigns have unearthed this particularly ancient past. The Museum of Prehistory in Quinson allows visitors to relive several hundred thousand years, from the Paleolithic to the Age of Metals, by offering both archeological pieces that are unique in the world and reconstructions of scenes from the daily life of our distant ancestors. Your visit can be completed by a guided tour of La Baume Bonne or a detour through the prehistoric village.

Museum of Prehistory in Quinson

Gassendi Museum

Art, natural sciences, and local history are in the spotlight at the Gassendi Museum in Digne-les-Bains. Visitors enjoy a real journey through time, between fine art and natural history. The collection of contemporary art in situ is particularly renowned, while exhibitions and events are regularly organized. From several-hundred-million-year-old fossils to archeological remains from the Bronze Age, from the works of Andy Goldsworthy to the work of the scientist Pierre Gassendi, discover a wide variety of collections with an encyclopedic vocation.

Gassendi Museum

Museum of Salagon

Located in Mane, the Museum of Salagon is nestled in an authentic green setting, within the walls of a medieval priory. The heritage of Haute-Provence is honored here, with collections centered on agriculture and animal husbandry, unusual objects, sacred and secular rites and festivals, and the role played in the past by women from their birth to their old age. The gardens are home to more than 1,700 cultivated plants and can be browsed like an open-air book.

Musée de Salagon

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