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Top 5 must‑do visits in Toulon

Between Marseille and Nice, Toulon is an essential stopover during your stay in the Var. Discover one of the most beautiful harbors in Europe from the Faron and the Mediterranean, as well as a very eclectic urban heritage which is the subject of a vigorous development policy. From past to present, learn the secrets of Toulon joining one of the five tours offered by guide-lecturers from the South region.

Toulon walking and sailing

This visit allows you to admire from land and sea the remarkable site on which Toulon was built. Set off towards Les Sablettes by shuttle bus to see the way the buildings are arranged between Mont Faron, the Mediterranean, the military forts and the navy. Then, back on dry land, walk the streets of Lower Town and Upper Town in the company of your guide-lecturer. He will share with you the secrets of each of the Toulon neighborhoods that run on either side of Boulevard de Strasbourg, an artery opened under the Second Empire and which crosses the city from east to west.

The Lower Town, the authentic Toulon

The « Lower Town » corresponds to the historic center, organized around its cathedral and its medieval fortifications, which have now disappeared. It is a popular district which colorful market will awaken your senses with its Provençal and oriental scents. A drop-off point for sailors on leave, it still retains a few typical establishments justifying its reputation of “Little Chicago”. It is also the subject of a vigorous policy of urban renewal. The most splendid of exemple of this transformation is the current « rue des Arts », which detailled history will be explained by your guide-lecturer.


The splendours of the Upper Town of Toulon

The Upper Town is a must in Toulon. Built north of Boulevard Louis-Napoléon, today Boulevard de Strasbourg, it is the symbol of the opulence that characterized the city in the second half of the 19th century: opera house, imperial high school, chamber of commerce, art museum. Discover thanks to your guide the architectural development of the district, which was bombarded during the Second World War; as well as its very recent history, with the Chalucet eco-district, which reflects the new urban dynamic at work in the city: renovating buildings by integrating an environmental approach.

Toulon Gourmet: awaken your taste buds!

Toulon is a city of a thousand scents, as evidenced by the presence of the Cours Lafayette market, sung by Gilbert Bécaud, in which Provençal touches and oriental scents mingle. cade, chichi, tapenade, spices, rosé wines, pointus and the creations of the many artisans who have settled in the rue des Arts. Toulon has put in the spotlight its taste creations, between tradition and modernity, and these will be explained to you by your guide during this gourmet visit.



Toulon from Mount Faron

The splendor of the site and the great history of the landing!

Impossible to leave Toulon without a detour via Mont Faron. Your guide will be waiting for you at the top of it, at the station of the cable car, for a guided tour in the great outdoors. From the top of Mont Faron, your guide will retrace the history of the city, from its founding by the Romans until its liberation in August 1944 by the Allies. Enjoy an amazing view over the harbor, then continue your discovery of the site entering the Memorial of the landing of Provence. Your guide-lecturer will tell you about the major stages that allowed the liberation of the city and the South of France.


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